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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Nope I haven't misspelled it, in fact "unfriend" is Oxford word of the year for 2009.

Unfriend was defined as a verb that means to remove someone as a "friend" on a social networking site such as Facebook.

As in, “I decided to unfriend my roommate on Facebook after we had a fight.”

“It has both currency and potential longevity,” notes Christine Lindberg, Senior Lexicographer for Oxford’s US dictionary program. “In the online social networking context, its meaning is understood, so its adoption as a modern verb form makes this an interesting choice for Word of the Year. Most “un-” prefixed words are adjectives (unacceptable, unpleasant), and there are certainly some familiar “un-” verbs (uncap, unpack), but “unfriend” is different from the norm. It assumes a verb sense of “friend” that is really not used (at least not since maybe the 17th century!). Unfriend has real lex-appeal.”

Source: (OUP Blog, Oxford University Press USA)

Click here to read about the details and see the other words that were finalists. I love the "deleb" and "sexting." Photobucket

Ohhh, now it is established I can say "(insertnamehere) decided to unfriend me on Facebook after we had a fight.” Photobucket

Anyway I'm now on the verge of unfriending someone if he doesn't put a leash on his GF. Damn bitch. Photobucket

Ta tah for now. I need something to cool my head.

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