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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pacman Fever (Again, UGH)

It's that particular time of the year when everything stood still (traffic, crimes and everything else included) and all eyes are glued to the television sets or ears to the radios. It's almost like holiday whenever Manny Pacquiao will step up on a ring for a boxing match.

Pacman Fever is on again
. And my inbox getting flooded from text messages that he won signals the start of it. And that irks me. I don't really care if he wins or lose. Don;t get me wrong, I don't hate him. I hate him in a sense of what his victory entails. It will, for sure, be on the news and will drag for weeks. As in weeks. It will never fail to be a topic of everyone. As in everyone you might possibly think.Photobucket

And for sure everybody will suck up to him especially now that the election is just around the corner. Actors, check. Politicians, double check. Agh. There will be a long list of people kissing his ass. I'll bet my Nuffnang earnings on this. *grins* Photobucket

I just keep my fingers crossed that in tonight's party I will come across someone that will find any subject more interesting than Pacquiao's win.

Ta tah. Photobucket


  1. pacman fever?
    i dont quite understand.. =)

  2. Pacman is short for Manny Pacquiao.

    He won today against the puerto rican Miguel Cotto and the whole country is again in Pacquiao fervor.


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