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Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Moon - my last distraction

I finished new moon yesterday morning. I didn’t sleep till I read the last chapter of it. Photobucket But I saved the preview for the next book for reading last night. I must say it was really a cliffhanger. Anyway, I’m not writing a review about the book. A lot have been said and done to the book so I’ll just pass. For one thing I’m sure there will be tons of it on the web. Google it.

I’m not really a twilight fanatic at the start. We had the first book before the first twilight installment was shown and the whole hype about it, but I didn’t bother to pick up the book. I watched the movie and heard that the book was way better than the movie version but still I didn’t pick up the book much as even scan the first chapter of it. Why waste my time reading the book when I already watched a Hollywood version that ruined my pleasure of a reading book. Photobucket

What really perked up my urge to read the second book (aside from sheer boredom) was when I noticed my mother was always bringing the book on our trips to the hospital and other places she know we gonna wait or we needed to fall in line. Photobucket She said she must finish it before she left for the States. And she did (among other many things, like watching the rerun of Meteor Garden for the nth times and some other Koreanovelas).

To end this post, the book had, to use the line in the book, opened some kind of hole in me. Photobucket And I really want something to do right now to not as dwell much on the thought of it. If only I have the third book. But then again it might be like putting salt on a wound. Argh, Photobucket I really need any kind of distraction now. Drinks anyone?

Note to self: pick up the last two books of the saga. I never know when will I need them.


  1. i didnt read it..
    gonna watch it in the cinemas =)

  2. Everyone 'round me is raving about this novel. Pero ewan ko, parang hindi n'ya makuha ang attention ko. Maybe because hindi ko naappreciate yung movie (gaya mo).

    But the way you rave about it, parang interesante nga siya. Maybe one of these days, I'll start readin' it.

    Thanks man!

    Cheers! :)

  3. I can't judge the first movie in accordance to it's book version because I skipped reading it.

    But I was just caught with the fad when I started reading the second book and I can't wait to read the next two books.

    One thing I'm sure of is I'm not gonna be fist in line when the movie hits the cinema like some Twilight fanatics. I'm not really into movies based on books. Maybe I'll just gonna wait for the movie on torrent. *grins*


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