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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Due to typhoon Santi we were stranded at the café the whole night last Friday. It was daybreak when the rain subsided and we had the chance to get home. I was deep asleep when they said the storm passed by my hometown, so when I woke up it looked like nothing happened, even the electricity was back. Thanks heaven were not that devastated as the other towns shown on the news. Photobucket

Because of that too, I decided I will stay home last weekend and start reading “new Moon” and finish it before it hit the silver screen. Okay that was an excuse; I just want really to sulk,Photobucket I’m not into a party mode even if it was Halloween. The time of the year for dress up, for the bitches to be bitches, whatever, forgot the exact line. Anyway, I even turned down invite from cousin to celebrate Oktoberfest at the posh Canyon Cove (glad I made a right decision, I heard it was boring, they were home just before midnight). I was really really planning on spending my night buried on the book when I received a sms from a friend, asking if my place is available for us to party. I reluctantly thought no but said otherwise since I knew Izza’s place is off limits because of personal reason, Sam’s place is locked down, and we cannot party at the shop anymore.

While I was waiting for them to come, I chatted and had some drinks with some of my childhood friends across the venue. I thought the party wouldn’t push through because they were thinking on going to Myco’s place at Tagaytay. Anyway, the party did push through and lasted till the five in the morning. The drinks didn’t do much help to contain the sadness I am feeling that night. And pretty much because of the almost full moon, as well. Photobucket

They had breakfast afterwards; I’ve passed because I’m not hungry. In the end I opted to stay on the café with a friend because it was quite comforting just to lay my head beside him. It was too comfortable I ended sleeping on his shoulder and failed to drop him home. Sorry.

The following night was pretty much the same, party at my place, started late and ended till the jeepney drivers were there. Except that the drinks have done what their supposed to do. I was drunk that I have no recollection who, when and how did we cleaned up the place afterwards. Photobucket

Last night I started reading the book. I’m reading it voraciously. I’m almost half way through it. I just needed a break from it that’s why I’m blogging. Well honestly, some way or the plot in the book mirrors something that feels familiar. And it stings.

I’m just lucky I opted to party last weekend than sulk. If I have done the latter the book will surely caught me off guard and send me in an emo mode again,.

Well ta tah for now. Photobucket Gotta finish the book.

Anyway here are the photos. Enjoy! Gimme comment people.

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