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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Perfect Partner

A perfect partner in life is someone you can be with and talk about anything without realizing that the day was over. Someone who will always listen and feel twice the joy or pain your going through. When you start to feel that "connection" never let it go because there is more to companionship than to love only. Because in the end when all else fails and are consumed, you will always hold on to those times when you don't even need to hear the words "I love you"

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August 29, 2009
01:37 pm


  1. goodness I sooo agree.. tipong kausap mo for hours tapos makakalimutan mo lahat ng bagay

  2. 悉怛多缽怛囉阿們 窮盡相關消去無關 證據時效


    十習因 鬼道 畜生道 人道
    貪習(貪物) 物怪(依草附木)   梟類(土梟) 頑類(愚呆)
    媱習(貪色) 風魃(旱魃不雨)   咎徵(烏鴉...凶兆) 異類(妖怪)
    誑習(貪惑) 畜昧(狐獸精靈)   狐類(狐狸......) 庸類(卑鄙)
    瞋習(貪恨) 蠱毒(毒虫惡蟲)   毒類(虺蛇......) 狠類(剛暴)
    怨習(貪憶) 疫癘(散行瘟疫)   蛔類(蟯蛔) 微類(賤僕)
    慢習(貪傲) 氣餓(飢虛之鬼)   食類(虎狼......) 柔類(懦弱)
    枉習(貪罔) 憂魘(厭人心胸)   服類(衣服二類) 勞類(勞苦)
    見習(貪明) 魍魎(山精之鬼)   應類(燕鴻......) 文類(小才)
    詐習(貪成) 役使(咒術役鬼) 休徵(鳳麟吉類) 明類(小聰)
    訟習(貪黨) 傳送(遞傳吉凶)   循類(鴿犬......) 達類(小知世故)


  3. O_O


    Google translated it to:

    L beings fall general principle: "within the exceptionally points" and the rise in fall
    Within minutes (tanha fair share), is a love so fall
    Outer points (Ke Yang fair share), an increase like it is
    Death, good and evil Sang-hyun
    L afloat category:
    ─ soaring like Pure Land, Heaven, spirits (like many of the sentient beings)
    Did not rise without falling ─ humanity (love like blessing all living creatures)
    Falling like ─ 3 Tu (love to think less of all sentient beings)
    Conclusion There are other industry peers

    10 because, apart from learning in each province
    10 Xi beasts of humanity because of Ghost Road
    Xi greed (greed goods) strange things (depending on grass on trees) owl class (soil owl) stupid class (yu stay)
    Yao Xi (Tan Se) wind with great courage (drought with great courage does not rain) guilt syndrome (Crow ... a bad omen) heterogeneous (monsters)
    Deceive habits (greed puzzled) livestock ignorant (Fox animals Wizard) Fox Class (Fox ......) Yong class (mean)
    Dosa Xi (greed hate) Gudu (poisonous insect pest bad) drug class (sick snake ......) ruthless class (gang violence)
    Complain Xi (greed Yi) pestilence (plague scattered line) roundworm class (green since roundworm) Micro-class (cheap servant)
    Slow learning (greed pride) Gas hungry (hungry virtual of ghosts) food type (tigers ......) soft category (weak)
    Vain Xi (greed indiscriminately) worry nightmare (or dislike mind) service category (clothes, second-class) workers class (working class)
    Trainee (greedy Ming) monsters (Ghost Mountain fine) should be class (Yanhong ......) genre (small only)
    Fraud Xi (greed percent) bondage (Curse service as ghosts) Hugh syndrome (Phoenix Rinkichi class) next class (small-Cong)
    First Instance of the Xi (greedy Party) transfer (pass good idea to delivery) through the class (Dove dogs ......) up to class (Kochi sophistication)

    Xie Ming Boma Yin crew and purchased Dong know what's what people do not fart ㄉ ㄉ ㄉ people who prudently Barry Lin Wang Xu-yan Han letters stopped driving drizzle with soy sauce, Edward Branch Nobuaki bown mercantile and sign wrapped around one ear t06 Juan XIE Zheng Tao QKPb Addicted to Drama School of Ministry Taipei, Tai Xi puppet model mode unmarried children of Taiwan independence

    Multi-bowl DA DA noted Hello Amen unrelated to eliminate evidence of aging-related exhaustion

    Whatevar! hahaha


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