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Saturday, September 19, 2009

FarmVille T-shirts

I'm salivating for these FarmVille shirts Photobucket

They're only available on-line (here) for $19.00 and I don't know if they ship here. Bummer!

A friend made a buzz in the facebook by posting this photo yesterday morning.

It created quite a stir in my facebook community. There's quite a number of people I never suspected that are FarmVille fanatic.

I know it's only custom made but it's better than having nothing. But I really want the "it's okay to be different" phrase printed on my shirt. So Roulette spill the beans where you had custom made it. Photobucket

I want one of this trucker hat too.

Astig di ba mga adik? Photobucket

Ta tah for now. Harvest muna! Photobucket

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