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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Had a long day so I'll just make this quick.

The film is way too long. Two hour plus pulsating action then suddenly it gonna leave you hanging and waiting for the sequel. Photobucket

The finale fighting scene was cool in terms of special effects but it's not like in the first movie that the fight scene was a highlight on it's own. In a nutshell, too many scenes in the last fight that switches from one to another. Photobucket

All in all it was like a ride, a lot of action and shebang but less of story and substance.

But I really must give kudos to the SFX department. It was one helluva film because of them. Photobucket

As other review says, this movie is made to bring in big bucks from the box office, it is not an art film.

Anyway 3 stars out of five. Because as Mahado said "It's who you watched it with, that made it a blast". *wink*

Ta tah for now, I need some sleep. Photobucket

Note to self:

2p had 2 ear piercings. Photobucket

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