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Friday, June 19, 2009

What I did last summer

If you're reading my blog on a constant basis you probably noticed that all my previous post where just quick updates and sometimes posts that have implied meaning. I was so busy this past summer/party/fiesta season. I can't resist the lure of the beach, parties, and food. Photobucket

Anyway here is an outline of what I did last summer.

  • Beach parties

There were lot of beach parties especially last Holy Week. As there were lot of activities at Nasugbu beach. It was a plan of the Nasugbu Tourism to jump start summer fun and tap and promote Nasugbu in order to attract more visitors as well as maintaining them. There were kiosks selling food, drinks, alcohol and souvenir items. Others are offering services like tattoo, may it be permanent or just henna. There were activities especially during weekends - food fair, civic activities, skimboarding and beach football competitions Photobucket, and battle of the bands. I was looking for the bikini open but it didn't pushed through. Photobucket I wanna see guys in skimpy undies.

Here are some photos courtesy of King. I haven't got the time to take photos during the day as I always find myself asleep in the sand with Sam, Cy and other party goers the mornings after the parties. Photobucket

Board, Beach and Babe FTW! See more photos here. Click click

The Bar is officially our drink of the summer. Hahaha

  • Outings

There were lot of outings. Some of the memorable ones are in a untouched beach in Calatagan that we can call paradise. You've seen it in a lot of my photos. (Click here to see the photos) But the pictures don't do justice for the place. You must experience it for yourself. Even the Singaporean nationalities - Kamahl, Fifi, Rayzen, and Early (dunno if I spelled their name right) - Cyrus had as guests for the summer loved the place even if there wasn't toilet, electricity and cottage to stay for the night. It was always survivor style if stay there.

My taste for exotic was put to test in that place. I got to eat freshly catch live shrimp there. And if doesn't sound to exotic for you, I also ate sea urchins, roasted and fresh. It was scrumptious. It tasted exactly like crab "aligue." There's also a shellfish that tasted like the local "sikad" but tasted better. And it was like a big shells that we used in "sungka." Imagine a "sikad" meat enlarged to ten times or less. It was delicious.

Exotic sea urchin. Photobucket

  • Crush

I missed a Palawan vacation, don't ask why, but instead I was formally introduced to my crush on one occasion in his house. Photobucket Not just to him but to his parents as well. His parents were uber nice even if my friend who invited me was teasing me in front of his mom.

You probably have an idea of who am I talking about. And you probably saw his photos here so I won't drop a name. (smile) Here's a clue hes the one guy that made me interested in watching basketball. there, that's a giveaway.

I already knew his older brother, my former college classmate, as well as his sister, my rival to a previous boyfriend. Photobucket Talk about small world.

This is the first time in years that I felt giddy like a high school over a crush. Hahaha. Landeeeeeeeeeee~ Photobucket

I wish to expound more but I like to keep some details for myself. Photobucket


He gave me this basketball shorts after the first time we met.

  • House parties

After the beach parties come house parties. Cy had rented a whole house which became our hangout after his foreign friends left. So it was like every night house party. I sure missed that house.

  • Scandal

Before the Hayden Kho scandal became public a scandal made by a friend (clue: he's always in the photos on one or two of our house parties Photobucket and his girlfriend began circulating. Luckily the perpetrator of the scandal contained the spread of his 24 minutes home made video. And if you ask me, sorry I don't have a copy. But I think I know one who still has. Photobucket

  • 2p is back

It's been a while before we ironed out some misunderstandings but at last were now talking and seeing again. I don't want to dwell much on this matter as there are lot of people I know will react so I'll keep mum about the details.Photobucket

  • Here are some little important things

  • B at last paid me a visit. But we didn't meet the first time he went to my place. I as away in Calatagan. He's wife is now expecting, Congratulations!
  • Met new friends and renewed some ties - Sisa peeps, Imbang, Duanne, etc. Aeron, Jed, Kenneth, Nica, Cheewa, etc.
  • And of course what is there to summer if there wasn't any summer fling and zhings. Photobucket

Last word:

"Putang ina nyo mga mimosa jan kina aiza. Mga traydor kayo. Pakyu! Chocolates lang pala katapat nyo."

Wow that felt good.

Ta tah~ Photobucket

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