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Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Parents are turning geeks

Yes, you read it right. Dunno what got into my parents after they retired and they are buying techie gizmos for themselves. My mother now sports a LG Cookie that I was salivating as soon it hit the Philippine market. I was taken by surprise when I found it accidentally in her bag during one of her check ups. I quickly asked her a string of questions. "When did you got this? Why did you buy one and do you know how to use it?" Photobucket I was really shocked because my mother always prefer simplicity on mobile phones - If she's able to call and send text messages it's good for her. Whereas I am the techie in the family and now all I have is a old SE phone. How ironic. Hahaha.

As for my father, he recently bought a laptop, nut just an entry level netbook but a full size laptop. I haven't seen it yet as it still with my sister and I do not plan of borrowing it as my parents already declared that it will never leave the house. There goes the mobility function of a lappy. Photobucket I'm still wondering what he gonna use it for. Porn? Hahaha Photobucket

Anyway, Happy Fathers day B!Photobucket

Happy Fathers day Tatay! Photobucket

And to all the father's out there.
Ta-Tah~ Photobucket

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