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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I stayed home last night

Yap that's right. I didn't roam last night. I don't remember the last time I didn't go out and preferred to stay home for no particular reason. It's not because of the rain. I braved nights when storming cats and dogs or even when there is a storm coming. Maybe it's because the OC in me struck again. I remember a particular list and began searching for it. One searching leads to another. I found my graduation photos from UP (note to self: digitize and reproduce them), 2 sunglasses, a pendant, a ring, a bracelet, arm cuffs, and alas the list. I've scanned the list and a flood of memories came after reading the names. I updated it since it was years the last time I held it.

Sorry can't share what it is all about, FOR NOW, as it includes names. Photobucket(Note to self: make copies of it. I want to write a memoir about it)

By the time it was eleven the rain stopped and I was itching to go out. I do not want to wake up the rest of the household to ask for gate key and to ask them to lock the door behind me hence leaving me no choice but to stay. By that time I was regretting my decision to stay home. I can't sleep. After some failed GM of trying to find who's still awake, I read my old journal as well as some three years old text messages in my PDA that my journal referenced to. Reminiscing? 007 Hahaha! Emo mode.

After an hour plus of reminiscing I started to get bored again. I reached out for the book that I'm rereading - Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice - I greedily read half of it in just a week or less but when the summer/party/fiesta season kicked in I utterly forgot about it. At first I was distracted by the sight of the list and my bed, Photobucket but sooner I found myself buried in the book. 096 I was always enthralled by Anne Rice prowess to weave a vivid world just from words. That's why she's one of my favorite authors.

There's one last thing I did before hitting the sack last night. I made an outline of what I did last summer. Well, that's another post.

Ta tah~ for now.032

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