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Friday, June 26, 2009

A H1N1 in Nasugbu

Oh shit! Rumor has it there's already a case of A H1N1 here in Nasugbu. Photobucket

My mother was called at a health meeting in the clinic this morning but she is mum about the details. All she was saying is I better stay home. As if, I will. Photobucket I think they're keeping it a secret to ward public panic.

Anyway I must confirm this by any other means. Photobucket


Yap there are 25 confirmed cases here in Nasugbu.
Read Philippines Star June 27, 2009 for details.


  1. duh, it's not deadly naman eh. just treat it like an ordinary flu

  2. Yep. But the thing is dami nagstay na lang sa house kaya nawawalan ng eksena dahil sa takot. Hayz.

  3. :(..sad..really..Take care people..!

    btw have a wonderful blog..Nie to meet you..I will subscribe..and follow your ..
    Interesting topics here..really good work you did..well done.


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