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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gay Speak

Found this blog post about the growing Pinoy gay lingo. I found this amusing and might well share it.

Here are some new gay speak:

Happy Birthday - anything brand-new
"Happy Birthday shoes! Happy Birthday cellphone! Happy Birthday t-shirt! Sweldo ba ngayon o baka naman pumapasada ka na rin?"

Panauhing Pandangal - the last person to arrive at an event
"Girl, ang usapan natin alas-dos. Alas-kwatro ka na dumating. Ano ka, panauhing pandangal!?"

Kooperatiba - a gay man who gives excessive amount of money to his straight lover
"Load, tuition, rubber shoes! Lahat na lang! Babe, hindi ako kooperatiba!"

Click here to view the article. Enjoy!

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