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Monday, March 2, 2009

Gossip Girl Wannabe

Since I am on the topic of gossip girl, let me play gossip girl and dish out some gossips. Hahaha.

Senator and Gabby in a fight
Hmmmmm, where can I start? Ah, do you know that Senator and Gabby had a fight? Yes they had one misunderstanding that almost broke into a huge fight. (Sayang naman.) Bwahaha. Photobucket It is because Gabby caught Senator texting his ex-wife (Since they are separated once again, I’ll use this term). Gabby flared up and wanted to confront Senator, but li’l Gabby know it is her ex-wife who is actually texting Senator. The ex-wife is actually asking help from Senator because she wanted a piece of action in the band that Senator is. This isn’t what miss mommy already - majorette wanna be told Gabby. Woooo, bitchy! Hahaha. I miss watching a good fight, a fight like Gabby and Sharon had in front of the church. Photobucket But that was another story to tell.

Gabby out, Monster in!
What’s juicier? You already know that I am evicted in the Big Sister House, and you know Gabby is out as well. But do you know who replaced Gabby in the house and heart of Sharon? Only a few people know about the real deal and a lot of are still guessing who is this mysterious “Monster” is. Of course li’l gossip girl wanna be absolutely know who he is, Photobucket this monster who comes unannounced and treats the stairs like an escalator. Dang, he gets into my nerves. Photobucket But good thing is this bad boy turned miss bad girl to a good girl. And I heard he’s quite “gifted” and he has better ass than Mr. minor.

How about you, do you know who this is so called “monster?” I know I do and a lot are dying to know as well. Give me some love and I might tell. Photobucket “wink”

Own Dirt
Well enough of other people’s dirt, time to spill out my own dirt to be fair. What own dirt can I share with you? Ah, my misadventures in the “booking” game.

Well, a little backrub can go a long long way. It led to a night to remember with a guy who’s sister is married to my ex-bf’s brother, but wait there’s more, his first cousin is also married to the same ex-bf’s sister (that’s why he is resembles him so much).

Enough of the details,Photobucket verdict: 7 out of 10.

Another one is with a special guy so I’ll limit the details. I thought he will be those kinds of one night stand guys but I’m mistaken, finally after almost two months we’ve finally met and do it again. We did the deed but didn’t finish the whole shebang. Nevertheless it was satisfying. Photobucket Hahaha.

Well enough of dirt. Time to clean up, I’ll leave you now and I’ll join my cousins at the pool.

Ta tah~

This was supposed to be posted the other night but I saved it rather than post it. Anyway there's new update - Sharon is seen with Gabby last last night. Hmmm, I wonder where this leads to. Photobucket

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