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Friday, February 27, 2009

What's new with me

Wow, It's been almost 2 weeks since the last time I blogged. I been busy a lot lately, I had my hand full of DVD marathons, reading a book, swimming, birthdays, parties, problems, and getting laid. Hahaha! PhotobucketNow I'm back from the dead and ready to dish out a lot.

There’s a lot to blog about during my absence from virtual world. (I go online but instead of blogging, tweaking my blog and on-line profiles on social networking sites eats up most of my time. Adding widgets, registering to this and that, trying to learn some new blogging tricks and tips, etc.) Does any of you guys know where I can find a button for Multiply just like the ones I have for other social networking at my sidebar? I want one to make them uniform. Please help. Photobucket

First, Photobucket Happy Birthday Meynard, Jokol and Lenard! As well as Philip’s girlfriend – EJ. Congratulations to Riel for passing the Nursing Licensure exam. Photobucket Thanks all for the booze. Mwah!

I think Friday the 13th just caught on me these past few days. First, I got evicted in Big Sister’s House. Hahaha. I did break a house rule - I passed through the window, and worst, I lied about it. And I think it’s because of the incident with “insertnamehere.” I totally forget what’s his name and what he looked like. I was so drunk that night. I even forgot the little details of the whole shebang. Hahaha. All I remember is he’s too horny. Harhar!

Second, B is definitely getting married. March 7 is the date. He informed me personally and he invited me to attend the rites. It will just be a simple civil wedding in Pampanga.

Anyway that last news still shocks me so I’ll end this post now with some sort of what I’m up to slum book style. Hahaha

  • Currently reading: Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice, book 5 of the vampire chronicles (I’m rereading it while waiting for my mom to finish the first book of twilight series)
  • Currently watching: Princess Hours. Been dying to watch it for the longest time (Yey, disc 2 na!)
  • Last gimmick: Overnight – Natipuan with Izza, Ruth and kids, Ylen, Jenny, Meynard, Daniel. Mikke, the twins and Carlo. (will post the photos as soon as I grab hold of the memory stick)
  • Last walkout: Natipuan. Hahaha
  • Last time I drink: Last night, with Izza, Sapak, Veroya, Kat, Walter, then at Joc birthday party, then with Sam. Woooo, major shutdown. Not once but twice. LOL!
  • Last time I get laid: Ask meeeeee! Hahaha! Photobucket

Ta Tah~

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