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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Valentines Day 2009 Photos

I uploaded the photos of our Valentines Party way back but I forgot to blog about it that day.

It’s a singles party. All haven’t got a date that night except for Von who’s with her wife and daughter. I was wishing “bunso” (argh! I hate using this term of endearment but it fit him exactly) was with me that night. Anyway here are our photos. And while browsing, try to check the color of the shirt each person are wearing and check it with this sms I received on V day.
From Valentines 2009

From Valentines 2009

From Valentines 2009

  • “easy to get” lahat ng naka “RED”
  • “manyak” ang naka “BLUE”
  • ”maapeal” ang naka “WHITE”
  • “mainit sa sex” ang naka “BLACK”
  • “malibog” ang naka “GREEN”
  • “two timer” ang naka “STRIPES”
  • “boring sa sex” ang naka “ORANGE”
  • “mahilig sa romansa” ang naka “BROWN”
  • Kaw? Ano kulay ng shirt mo ngayon?

Click here to view more.
Valentines 2009

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