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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gossip Girl Season 1

At last I finally watched the last episode last week. Blame it on Ali and the DVD I bought. Photobucket He don’t prioritize my downloads on the server. The damn DVD was good till episode 12 only and I had to download the rest of the episode. Photobucket

Anyway much have been said about it cause it wayyy old and I just watched it now. And now there is already season 2 of the series, I’ll just post a short review of the series cause much have been said about it.

Verdict: It’s like cruel intentions turn into a TV series but lighter in evilness. The wardrobe of the cast was fabulous (I maybe like the five millionth of people to say this). Each of the cast wardrobes gave emphasis of the character they portray. I love the story and the side stories as well especially the battle of the queen bee between Blair and Jenny. Serena or Blair? I love S but I love B more, why cause she’s one scheming bitch. Hahaha. Nate or Chuck? I’ll go for some sex on the limo so Chuck. Hahaha. One thing I know is that, there is something in these bad boys that make them appealing to girls and gays. I really can’t pinpoint why some girls and gays dig the bad boy types. Is it their machismo? Photobucket Or it is how they make us fall in love on to our knees with their ways? Photobucket Enough of that.Maybe you can enlighten me dear readers especially you Izza. Hahaha.

Off I go now to bug Ali to download the rest of Kyle XY season 2 that I haven’t watched yet before I start watching the season 2 of Gossip Girl.

Ta Tah~

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