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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Yes it's Friday the 13th but nothing some unlucky has happened to me, yet.

Why believe on those things on the first place? My birthday is on the 13 of October. Then will I be unlucky on some of my birthdays? Hahaha!

Enough of that crap. I'm blogging under the influence (BUI) as some bloggers call it. I had some drinks with friends and I am a li'l bit tipsy.

Anyway what Friday the 13th brought me as of now was Aries texting me out of the blue asking me how I am. I replied that I wanted to have some drinks with him later this evening to catch up with each other but he declined telling me to straighten up my life first before we can have some drinks. It's been months since I last talked to him in a serious way. I Guess I'm unlucky now.

He's one of the few friends I can call a true friend. He's my sandalan and I know and can say he cares for me. Well hope me good luck later to have a drink and a talk with him.

Yay, I'm gone a little emo cause I'm drunk. Gotta go get to bed. Ta-Tah~!

OT. Pakyu Kimpoy, tae ka. Bwahahaha


  1. Hi Buddy! I see no update after V-Day! Hope everything is fine!

  2. Thanks for the concern, I'm okay, I just had my hand full with so many things atm. I'll update as soon as I can and I promise it will be a lot.


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