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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bad Sex

I hate Bad sex. Nuff said!

Where are you "bunso?" *grins*

I still can't sleep. It's because of bad sex. We all had share of bad sex. I had my share twice in a row thispat two weeks. The one before that was a li'l not too perfect but it was great sex after all. But the two "bookings" after that was not. One was like having sex with a corpse and the latter was abruptly cut because some inconsiderate ass knocked on the door and ruined the whole mood.

Fuck, I'm really drunk and pissed I'm telling you all of these. Hahaha! Ok, I'll zip my mouth now and wait for the pirated DVD of Gossip Girl to run smoothly again. Or i'll hit the sack and join Sam. Ta tah~

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