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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The problems with SOME doctors

RANT mode on.

"I only want your medical opinion not your opinion about my personal life and family problems. Fuck, who are you to judge me this easily? It's our first time meeting each other and you are saying a mouthful. If ever I need a life coach or a shrink I shouldnt have come to you. And the fuck how are you became a doctor. As if I care. Duh!"
This rant is a week overdue. It should be posted last week after the visit to that damn doctor. I wished I said this that time but I know it will make matter worst and my mother will surely be upset.

We'll i just want to vent it here even it's way too late. But then again, I need to pay him a visit tomorrow and maybe it's not too late after all for this speech.


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