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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wedding Bells for B?

I long dread that this day will come. Even if he told me years ago that he will settle down and get married by the time he turn 27. (He's turning 27 in barely three weeks)

There were already plans that he'll gonna marry his girlfriend (now ex-gf) this January but it went poof. And this new plans caught me off guard. He summoned me from a party to tell me all this new plans.

It's okay with me. But what really hit me hard was it looks like a wedlock. (Well that's what he said. And no, the girl isn't pregnant.) He's marrying a girl he's with for just four months. I wish to rant more about the details but I'll keep my mouth shut. Zipped.

It's okay for me if he marries his past girlfriends because they have been a couple for years and they have gone through a lot. What really eating me is that, I think he decided hastily about the matter. (He said that too.)

We've talked about it. Well to put it correctly, he did all the talking. I was shocked and speechless. I was numb. Mixed emotions welled up inside me. Tears almost fell but it dried instantly the moment he saw me glassy eyed. All i need to do now is to be strong for him. As I've said to him, I always stick up to his decisions.

But before that, I'm gonna return to the party and get drunk. That is what I need for now.

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