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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two weeks have passed since you left. I thought the hardest thing missing you have subsided but I was wrong. I'm missing you so much right at this very time. I'm always fooling myself by thinking that your just in Manila with your college buds and you'll be back soon. But i guess that won't work this time.

Hearing your voice on the phone wants me to just be with you. Talk, joke, fool around, stroll, eat and the usual things we do together. But what I miss most is just being close to you, doing nothing. Those moments are what I really miss.

One year eleven months and two weeks more. That's still a lot of time. But I'm willing to wait. promise I'll be at the airport the day that you'll come home. And I promise my love won't waver.

I haven't told you the reason why I'm just always fooling around with guys. It is because they'll not worth my love. Because you'll one helluva act to follow and they sure gonna have a problem filling the big shoe you left. You have raised my standards on whom I really should love.

I found this on my old Palm the other day while I was tinkering with it. It was written last October and I haven't got the time to post it. Honestly, I haven't got the courage to post it back then. I'm afraid I'll get someone into trouble. But today, here it is. I'll know if she is still reading my blog if he gets into trouble. *grins* Photobucket

Anyway, I miss you! You know who you are. *winks* I wish you happiness this Christmas. :*

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