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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Thanks to tall the people who came to my birthday party. I know this post is wayyyy too late but I was occupied with parties these past few days. A lot of people are celebrating their birthdays too and I need to go to their party as well. A belated birthday shoutout for my friend Izza!

Thanks to my parents, aunts for the moolah. I squeezed enough money last minute to have a sudden little bash. *grins* They were hesitant to hand me the money on the exact date and told me to have a snack party instead of a drinking party. I was like "WHAT?! Do I look like I'm a kid?" Hahaha

Thanks to all the people who texted, called, plurked, left comments on my profiles, greeted me personally and those who made it to my party even it was a last minute invitation. Thanks thanks! See you next year!

Special thanks to the one who called and greeted me at exactly 12 mn of the 13th. *wink*

Anyway I just uploaded a few pics from my party as well as Izza's. There's only a few pics on my birthday these year. :( There's no photographer but me in the barkada. >.< I'm gonna upload more once I got hold of Izza's memory card.

Click Here to view the photos.

Ta-tah~ for now.

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