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Monday, October 20, 2008

Congratulations Holy Order Perfect World

Congratulations Holy Order™!
Back to back Level Up Live champs!

Congratulations to Team Holy Order™ Perfect World Realm for winning the Phoenix Council Wars and reigning supreme in Level Up! Live 2008.

What's more, they are the back to back champions having taken the Jade Nightingale in Level Up! Live 2007. Once more setting a milestone for the guild.

Sylv, Kuting, FLIP, msMatch, Jhengski, Bizkit, WhiteBear, Aizen, HEEDLESS, and rosenbaum dominated the entire match with a resounding wipeout in the first two rounds and a crushing bodycount in the third round.

They won a whopping PhP 200,000 and other prizes for this year's tournament. The team will also be featured in an upcoming article in Playground Magazine. More on that will be announced later.

Click here for the video and here for photos both by Neosankyo.

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