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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bitch Mode

I'm still here, I'm just quite busy trying to cool off the summer's sweltering heat wacko.gif. I'm always hitting the beach or the pool. If I'm not doing those two, I'm trying new things to amuse myself so as not to think of the heat laugh.gif. I'm trying to get drunk every night and sleep the day off biggrin.gif. AND ALSO I'M on BITCH MODE! Dunno why I'm so bitchy since Holy Week. Maybe it's because of the gravitational pull of the earth on the accumulated alcohol in my head. LOLZ laugh.gif

Anyway, thanks to you (you know who you are wink.gif). For keeping  my feet on the ground and reminding me of who I am. You are the kind of person not afraid to right me if I'm doing wrong. Glad to have you around.


Always be you. Not the version of you that you think others will love.
Give everyone the freedom to not like you.
Trust in your uniqueness and just live life.

Gotta get back chatting to B. Post some updates and backlogs soon as I find time.

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