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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Videoke Night @ I.B.

It's been a very long time since I had the company of Teddy and Joc. Last night they were out hanging at the parlor as Toffee and I passed by. And since we two were going out for some drinks, we invited them to come and luckily they didn't said no.

As usual, when Teddy is around there's no better place than our watering hole in front of I.B. What great about the place aside from beers is 3+1 is that you can get a return token if you get 100 score from the videoke. laugh.gif Well, it doesn't mean much to me but to Teddy, Joc and Toffee it does. (And also some of my friends who I been there with.) It serves as a challenge for them on who'll bring the most return tokens. There is no menu for pulutan there, just plain peanuts and chips a sari-sari store sells, cause it is also a sari-sari store. LOLZ! But you can buy noodles, canned goods and have them cook for a minimal additional payment. Anyway I can't think of anything to say more but to sum it up, I LOVE THE PLACE! You can get a gang of six or more drunk for just a couple of hundred. tongue.gif

Yey, it's 13! laugh.gif

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