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Monday, March 10, 2008

TW Break, Prime rib, Yaye and Old Folks' stares

I took a break from my TW schedule last night and let my cousin play my character and fill in my shoe. It was really exhausting TW week. Friday was a three hour defense from Celestial. And that whole three hour was also a practice for us HOL to strengthen our defense skills. We didn't do any offense as our superiors want to hone our skills to defend and intercept the catapult bearers. It was really tiring but well worth it as we applied what we've learned during our battle against Carnage last Saturday. The city was really under siege the time I arrived at the battlefield. Luckily we honed our defense skills and it was put to good use.  Tch, we can easily defend our two lands but we were forced to give our all to defend the City of Beast and let Lotus took one of our lands because a lot of my fellow clansmen were late. Last night while we successfully defended two of our lands, were forced to let go of one our land. It was a three clan gang bang. >.< It's okay to lose one land rather than lose two while trying to defend three lands. It's the most logical thing to do.

Enough of TW, let me talk about irl happenings. Last night after I picked up a close friend we had dinner at a local bistro. I had the chance to try one of their special steaks -  prime rib. I must say It was a pricey dinner but I got what I paid for. It was so good. I was full but I insisted that we stayed and chat for a while while I finish the steak. I know gluttony is a sin but I can't simply say no to a tasty fare. Hahaha!

After dinner we hang out at Cyrus' place. It was a good way to let my digestive juices do their thing. I was so full, I had to unbutton my shorts and recline cause I had a difficulty in sitting straight. I thought I'm gonna puke. Hahaha!

After a friend split up, he had work to worry, I strolled with Cyrus and bump into Yaye. We went then to a local karaoke bar and had a few drinks. We talk a lot about the past and his problem with his girl. Tch, it was nice to reminisce the past.

On our way home we bump into some friends and decided to have a few beers more at their place. It was 6 in the morning when we finished drinking. The place was part of several houses sharing one gate. The old folks were all awoke and at the gate. They had a puzzled look maybe wondering where we came from as we past by them. It was soooo embarrassing to leave the place in a hurry. I felt like my back burned from their stares. Hahaha! It was freaking embarrassing that I have to go now. I'm still embarrassed from what happened. Hahaha!

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