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Monday, March 17, 2008

Talitis and McFloat and HOL's biggest set back

I'm just a sucker for food. We drove (Toffee Cy and moi) half an hour just to grab the tastiest talitis in Balayan. tongue.gif Also I was bewitched by McDo's ad for their new McFloats I ordered all three varieties of them. Hahaha! laugh.gif Anyway it's not just for the food entirely, it's also served as stroll for us. It's been ages since the last we had an spontaneous trip like this.

Perfect world speaking, we had the biggest setback in the history of HOL, (as far as i remember) we've lost two lands. sad.gif The outcome was mainly because of trying to save both lands at the same time. It wouldn't happen if we did give full defense on Celestial and let Aruans took one of our lands. And also, if and only if the attendance last night was not that few and punctuality was observed. We can really defend those two lands and giving them a good fight if not there were not a lot of late and absences last night. Well, what done is done. I hope this served a lesson for my fellow clansmen and not take it as hard blow on their pride on our clan. Keep your heads up high men, we are still the number one clan to beat in Dragon server. No one else comes close. cool.gif

And to let pass the setback, I went over to Lloyd's place with Cy for some drinks. It was really not some as we had 2 liters and a long neck of a local brandy.ohmy.gif  And to think there were only six of us there. Cy, Lloyd, Jayson (Lloyd's beau) John (Froi's friend), Froilan and Moi. This morning I had no recollection of how we'd finished the alcohol. Hahaha! Cy just told me that I slept and didn't finished what remained of the last bottle. laugh.gif

Well, ta~tah for now. Gotta meet Cy and 2p.

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