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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Story of the Dragon Chapter 7

Chapter 7:

Wei meets Fuxi and the Battle of Dreams

Wei started his journey southwards, he left Universal City a week ago and was just about to pass the Silk Mountain when suddenly the place was shrouded in thick mist. Visibility was zero and after hours of trying to find a way out of this obstacle he finally gave up and sat beside a log lying on the ground...or so he thought.

And now this is where our tale begin...

"What do i do now?" Wei sighed as he tries desperately to think of a way out of his dillema. "I suppose you could start by...getting off me!!" came a troubled voice underneath him. Wei almost had a heart attack as he jumps away from the talking log. "What the hell!?" Wei said while clutching his chest. "Are you blind man?! can't you see I'm sleeping here!" as the figure from the mist started to stand. "Please don't hurt me! i don't taste that good Mr. Log" Wei said almost crying. "Mr.Log? He grabbed Wei and dragged him a little close "Do i look like a log?"
"That was a relief! I thought you were a demon or something!" Wei breathed easily "I didn't see you because of this mist."

"Bah! People these days...*mutter*" Finally realizing that they were indeed surrounded by mist, the Man was scratching his head deep in thought. "This mist was not here when i slept, its not natural...i can feel magic in the air."
Wei was looking at the man with mild curiosity. Judging by the way he look, he seems to be a doctor of a sort. "Hey Mister, do you know how we can get out of this Mist?" Wei asked the strange man. "Don't call me Mister, Just call me Fuxi. And your quite Late Wei! i was waiting for you for 2 days!" Fuxi said irritatedly. "How did you know my name?!" Wei gasped. [Uhhh...i slipped] "Questions! Questions! i have no time for your questions! are you coming with me or not?!" Fuxi said while trying to change the topic. "I'm going with you...i have no choice right?" Wei said still disturbed by this stranger he just met. "Well then follow me!" He grabbed hold of Wei's hand and started walking.

Chi You sat idly on a throne while watching them in his mirror. "Fools, you won't get out of that Mist. Wander for all eternity!" he laughed whole heartedly.

While the two are traveling around in circles, the realm of Pangu is busy at the moment.

To the North, the Nation of Celestial once again attacked the Keeper's on the Plains of Victory. The nations of Carnage attacked Beast City, Carefree Path was attacked by Eternal, Infinity on Desert Sea,  Arcam on Dragon Slope, Aruans on fire Village, Hokuten on Highwind, Aesteru™ on King-Yu Tripod, Pirates on Nanping Hill, and Exodus on Sky Cliff.

The battles were intense and wearisome, The Celestials managed to capture Victory Plains, Carnage almost took Beast City away from the keepers, Fire Village was taken by Aruans. They manage to defend their other lands from Aesteru™, Pirates, Infinity, Eternal, Arcam, Exodus and Hokuten. This week's battle has probably taken its toll against the Keeper's of the Light. They attacked the nation of Salawayun on Black Mountain and were successful in taking back this land. Tired and weary from their battles, Their Keeper's and Chambers, are now planning their next course of action. The Holy Week is upon the land, but it seems that Bloodshed will not be stopped by this would not be stopped.

The Nation of Lotus attacked the City of Men, They almost captured it as well. But still the "Boys" won in the end.

On the other side, their lands were attacked by the nation of EinherJar on their Water-Side Village and  Spartans on SkyLake. They defended their lands againts the Spartans. However, EinherJar was able to capture their Water-side Village. The winds are blowing strongly from the North...what will this nation do?

The "Boys" was also attacked by the nations of Hades on Desolate Mountain. Lycanz♠ on Doom City, PUNIETTA on GreenWave Woods, Torment on Hades Land, Trojans on SnowSlide and ShadowRun on Square Village. They focused their defenses on the City of Men, and thus Torments was able to capture Hades Land, and Hades occupied Desolate Mountain. This band of warriors now shout their warcries and prepare their counter-attack. Whether to the North, the East or the South It will surely be a bloody battle indeed. For now they call out their troops and prepare once more for war.

To the South, the nation of the White Tiger attacked Phoenix on Dreamport. They managed to capture the prized city of the South from its former owner. The Battle was long, but the nation of Maharot still won the round. Forced out of Dreamport, the Phoenix flew towards Peach Castle to recover her strength. She did attack Foggy Jungle but failed, still weak from their clash against the White Tiger she failed to reclaim Foggy Jungle. The nation of Maharot rejoiced for they had worked hard to get this far. Now they must be on constant guard for their prize will be constantly challenged from them.

Majesty attacked Souless swamp, The Magi and his warriors was able to capture Souless swamp from Maharot. Without a doubt they will attack Dreamport. Will they succeed or will the new owner of this City keep it? Only the City of Dreams know who will hold its secrets.

Fuxi and Wei was running around in circles the whole time and were quite exhausted. "I tell you this is no ordinary Mist! Now what must we do? i have to go South!" Wei said out of frustration. "Don't yell!" being hot tempered as well Fuxi is also thinking of a way on how they could get out of this Mist, which he is sure conjured by someone with great power.

Chi  You watches with amusement at the bickering of the two. "You will never get out of that Mist alive...Silly Goddess, putting her hopes on a pitiful mortal and a Godling" he sneered. "South! South! South! all we have to do is go South! Now i know how to get out of this fog!" Fuxi said with confidence. "How? We don't know where South is!" Wei asked not hoping to get an answer. "You don't, but i do! It was so simple! and i didn't think of it right away!" Fuxi laughed as he took something out of his bag.

It was a Golden Compass.

"That compass only points north." said Wei, his hope diminished. "Not at all, this is a special compass that points only southwards." said Fuxi with a smile. He touched the symbol carved on the Compass and a golden line shoot out from it and into the Mist. "Shall we get going then? or do you want to stay here?" he teased Wei. "Are you joking?! Lets get the Hell out of here!" shouted Wei. And the two of them hurriedly moved towards south.

Unknown to them Chi You was yelling and cursing them from his castle in the Sky.
"One of these days! I swear! You and your Godlings! I will make you pay!!" Chi You cursed all through the night.

"We must learn to view change as a natural phenomenon - to anticipate it and to plan for it. The future is ours to channel in the direction we want to go... we must continually ask ourselves, "What will happen if...?" or better still, "How can we make it happen?"
~Lisa Taylor~



Review: Hands down to StoryMan for this chapter. Although there is much of a difference on how he told stories of what transpired during TWs. There's not much ooohmmpp on how he tell them now. But as he say he's taking a different attack on how he pen his stories from now to avoid being redundant.


It's really been a tough week for us HOLs. And I must say, I need a break from TWs this holy week. Gonna hit the beach! cool.gif

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