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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Story of the Dragon Chapter 6

Chapter 6:

Farewell to a friend and the Journey South

Zhuanxu along with Wei headed north. Their final destination was the Universal City, The city which was rumored to be created by Pangu himself.

This is where i will start my tale...

After a week's journey from the plains of Victory, Zhuanxu and Wei finally arrived at Universal City.

"At last! Were Here!" breathed Wei after a long hike up the mountain. "It would had been a lot faster if i travelled alone" Zhuanxu said silently. "Well then! what are we going to do first?" Wei asked Zhuanxu which is busy in looking at the displays at the stalls around them. "How go that way and i go this way?" Zhuanxu said while inspecting a crude dagger. "Very well then, I'll meet you at the Elder at lunch" Wei said and was gone.

"So...the Empress has sent a scout. Aren't you an obedient one?" Chi You said dryly behind Zhuanxu. "And how about you? looking for sweets to rot your teeth?" Zhuanxu snapped at him. "How arrogant of you! Do you know who you are talking to?" Chi You spat at him. "I don't suppose that the God of War is here for vacation?" Zhuanxu said icyly. "Hmmp! Impudent Godling! Your Goddess wont recognize you after im done with you!".

Chi You raised his hands and time stopped (at least for the mortals).

A Golden Serpent appeared beside Chi You, He held it in his hands and it became a golden sword.

"Nobody mocks the God of War!" Chi You charged at Zhuanxu with blood shot eyes.
"Wrath of the Blue Dragon!" shouted Zhuanxu. A giant water dragon charged towards Chi You.

"Childs Play!" Chi you replied and he slashed the Dragon in half. The force of the clash was so powerful that the buildings were destroyed and the people around them were decimated. Their time has stopped but their reality did not. "Fighting him in this city is very dangerous, i need to lure him away! Goddess please forgive me!" he prayed silently.


"Your not getting away from me that easy!" Chi you said while hurling firebolts at him. Zhuanxu was about to dodge when he saw Wei in front of him and was in the path of the Fireball. "Ice Armor!" he said through gritted teeth as he braced himself to protect Wei. The fireball connected and sent him flying a few meters away from where he stood.

"Interesting, a Godling protected a mortal? Tsk! " Chi You said, his foot placed at Zhuanxu's chest.

Zhuanxu's left arm was severed from his body and was bathed in blue mist.
"This is the end...any last words?" Chi you asked Zhuanxu. "Yeah, you looked like an A$$ from afar, but up close... you really are an A$$ plus your breath stinks. So that makes you an A$$hole" Zhuanxu said with a forced smile. "Ha...Ha...Ha..." Chi you laughed sarcastically "Now DIE!!!" and he raised his sword for the kill.
Zhuanxu closed his eyes and waited for the strike, but it didn't come. When a few seconds passed and nothing happened, he slowly opened his eyes and what he saw shocked him.

Wei was holding the tip of the sword with two fingers, a golden Aura surrounding him and he seems to be in a trance like state.

"How dare you!" Wei said and the voice was unmistakingly feminine.
"Em....Emp...Empress?!?!" Chi You blurted out in surprise. "How dare you!" Wei repeated.

Chi You was backing away from Wei and was panicking. "I was only joking, im just here to greet your...servant, but he challenged me!!". "Leave this place! now!!" the Empress commanded. "This is not the last time we will meet! you just go lucky!" Chi you shouted at Zhuanxu and was gone.

Wei approached Zhuanxu holding his severed hand. "Don't get carried away next time, your no match for him" and the arm connected with his body as if nothing happened. "Thank you Goddess" Zhuanxu replied. "There is much to do here.", Wei raised his hands and the buildings that were destroyed were repaired. The torn out bodies of people re-attached themselves to their owners and was mended right away.


When everything was finished, Wei looked at Zhuanxu still possessed by the Goddess of the Earth and said. "Stay here at the Universal City and keep watch for me. I will come for you when the time is right."
Zhuanxu nodded as Wei collapsed beside him, the Empress gone.

While the battle between Chi You and Zhuanxu was underway, battles all around the realm started.

The Northen kings attacked the Keepers at the Lily Prairie. They were also attacked by the nations of Carnage, Lianmeng, Salawayun and Lotus. Carnage attacking Beast City, Lianmeng attacked White Mountain, Salawayun attacked King-Yu tripod, Lotus attacked Sky Lake. They defended their lands against the the nation of Celestial, Their battle for Beast City was fierce but they defended it well. Lotus was able to capture Skylake, Lianmeng too was able to capture White Mountain. They defended King Yu againts Salawayun. These battles were both won and lost, The keepers are always fighting to defend their lands and to reclaim those that they have lost. It seems that the battles are inevitable and will not stop for quite some time. Truly the Keeper's will be put to the test.

The Nation of Lotus was also attacked by the Keeper's, it was still a mystery why this two nations are now fighting each other. Everyone thought that they are comrades but it seems that they were wrong. The Keeper's were able to reclaim Silk Mountain from them. Their fight against the nation of Autobots at Trade Wind town was defended well. They certainly need more energons to win, but it seems that Autobots is now back on business and ready to "Transform" and wage war. The realm if certain that they will once again enter the battlefield. The nation of Lotus now stands and is waiting for the day that they will rise above all. But it seems that it will be a long way to go.

Burial Grounds is now occupied by the Nation of Heritage. They who was once the former owner of this land was able to get it from the nation of Invictus. Which is now wearing a new flag known to some as "EinherJar" which means "the proud warriors that died in battle." This promising clan will soon be waging war, only they know where. For now Heritage will keep the Burial Grounds, and Bury those that will try to take it away from them.

The nation of the "Boys" are attacked by the nations of Spartans, Ingenuity, Hades,Dynasty™ and ALLIANCE.

Hades attacked Doom City, ALLIANCE attacked Hades land, Dynasty™ attacked Snowslide, Spartans attacked Square Village, Ingenuity attacked Wood Mountain. They defended this lands well and still holds the City of Men under their protection. Truly this Boys know how to rumble.

Surprisingly they attacked the Northern kings at Ice Bound Land. The Kings won this battle and defended their land.

What the future holds for this Boys, not even the Gods knows.

The nation of Salawayun was attacked by the Nation of Majesty. The Magi failed to capture Black Mountain. Now surrounded by three nations, it seems that they have been given other options. Will they fight the Keeper's? the Magi? or their new neighbor the nation of LianMeng? Only they know...and hold their future.

The White Tiger has made its move from the Foggy Jungle and headed towards the Soulless swamp. Their Battles with the Phoenix is getting fiercer. They captured Soulless swamp and is now headed for Dreamport. Another clash will happen and all eyes are now looking on whom of this two will be victorious. This battle will be one of the main highlights in the next days to come. Everyone can feel it, The battle of Dreams is at hand.

Wei started to stir. Feeling exhausted but not remembering the reason behind it, he was surprised to see Zhuanxu sitting beside him.

"Are  you alright?" Zhuanxu's eyes show concern. "Im alright, i just feel exhausted thats all. The thing is i can't remember what i did for me to feel this way." "What time is it?" he asked Zhuanxu. "its already Evening." he replied. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!" It was early morning the last time i remembered. "Your still dreaming aren't you? are you sure you're awake?" Zhuanxu knows that its no use to tell him what happened. "Hungry?" Zhuanxu asked. "Starving  mellow.gif" Wei replied. Zhuanxu handed him some meat and a bowl of soup. Wei was surprised at this sudden change of behavior from Zhuanxu. "I think im still dreaming, your being too nice.". "Just eat and rest" Zhuanxu said with a smile. "But i just woke up!" Wei argued. "Suit yourself" Zhuanxu replied. [i]"I had a strange dream" he said which caught Zhuanxu by surprise. "A beautiful woman is telling me to go South, im not really sure the details...but it seems that i really need to go there.". "Then you should, Im sorry but i can't go with you." Zhuanxu replied "Thats ok...she said that you are going to do something important here". Wei said  more to himself "Well I'll just be finishing may tasks here and im going south". he added.


"Safe trip, and Godspeed." Zhuanxu extended his hand.
"Thank you my friend" Wei said. "Your welcome" Zhuanxu replied.

And with that Wei closed his eyes and was off to a dreamless sleep.

The rule of no realm is mine. But all worthy things that are in peril as the world now stands, those are my care. And for my part, I shall not wholly fail in my task if anything that passes through this night can still grow fairer or bear fruit and flower again in days to come. For I too am a steward. Did you not know?"
-- Gandalf


Review: Another fascinating storytelling skills is all I can say.  I'm still have a hangover from last week's TWs. @_@

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