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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Story of the Dragon Chapter 5

Chapter 5:

Zhuanxu and the Wandering prince

The Element of Water that the Goddess named Zhuanxu travelled north. He was moving along the water when he noticed a strange man in strange clothing. Curiosity got the better of him, so he quickly headed towards the banks of the river and approached the man.

"Good Day to you" the strange man said to him when he came near. "Good day to you too, may i ask are you a traveller?" Zhuanxu asked. The man looked at him from head to foot. " could say that, how about you? your clothing looks magnificent and out of this world mellow.gif " The man said in awe. "Actually it is, becoz im not from this world" Zhuanxu replied. "I beg your pardon?" the man asked with curiosity. "i also a traveler, and im not familiar with this place" Zhuanxu replied. "That makes the two of us, i also came from a far away place. I am a prince of a far away kingdom." the man said. "And your name is?" asked Zhuanxu. "I am known as Wei, Wei Xiaobao of Archosaur." the man answered.

Zhuanxu paused to think. He didn't know wether to believe the man or not. He have to play along, and once more he faced the man.

"Well Wei, where are you headed?" Zhuanxu asked.
[This guy is asking too many questions >_< and who does he think he is?] was the thought that is playing on Wei's mind. "Enough with your questions, now its my turn to ask you. Who and where did you came from?" he asked in a very irritated tone. "I am...Clark Kent" Zhuanxu said in an instant. "Clark Kent? >___> uh huh...yeah right" said Wei now getting more irritated. "In case you don't know...i watch TV, and i assure you that you are no Superman" he added.


[Goddess give me the strength to keep myself from kicking this man to Oblivion]
"I was joking" he smiled "I am Zhuanxu" he said. "And you are a....?" Wei asked his irritation still there.
I am...[about to kick your a$$!] a messenger from....[uhh...] Wanmei.
" ohmy.gif Your a messenger from Wanmei??!!" Wei gasped. "Uh...yeah?" Zhuanxu replied.
"and your message?! what is it?!?!" asked Wei his irritation gone and replaced by eagerness.
"No patches for this Month! Har! Har! Har!" Zhuanxu laughed.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"-------------------> Wei said in one breath for 10 mins. [ dont ask me how Wei did it =P he just did].

Then suddenly out of nowhere, a huge Boulder rolled and is headed towards them.

"OMG! we have to get out of the way!!"  Wei panicked. "Get out of my way Wei!" Zhuanxu commanded.
He moved forward and shouted "Wrath of the Blue Dragon!" A giant water Dragon appeared at his side and smashed the boulder to pieces.

[Wow Papa wub.gif] Wei said silently.

"I have to go now. Get out of here! its dangerous!" Zhuanxu said without facing Wei. He started to run where the boulder came from.

From his view he saw Siege Machines rolling down from the Great Wall towards the Victory Plains.

"So it started..." he sighed.
"Its the Celestials, they finally made their move" Wei said from behind him.
"What are you doing here?! i told you to get away from here!  angry.gif gusto mo ban kita?!" Zhuanxu said.
"Ban? O_o nakakain ba yun?" Wei wrote the word "Ban" on his small notebook.  "Whats that? gimme that!" he snatched the small book from Wei and started reading.
"HEY!! How dare you >__ Wei said angrily.

"the rules of refining, where to get pets, location of people, things that make people happy, ingredients on cooking spaghetti, Beware of a person named Zhuanxu he bans people O___o pretty weird guy." Zhuanxu read.

"Uh...crud. Can i have it back now?" Wei asked. Zhuanxu handed the book back at him and watched the battle taking place.
*nerves twitching* [Goddess please remind me to strangle him later] Zhuanxu prayed silently as he focused his attention to the raging battle.

After a long sleep the Kings of the North finally made their move. They attacked the Keepers on Victory Plains, It seems like only yesterday when this two titans clashed. The battle was long, probably just as long as their first one. Their warriors overwhelmed with bloodlust are hacking each other. Spells were fired, weapons shattered, blood spilled, They were evenly matched. When the dust finally settled and the day turned to night. The Keepers won the battle and defended their land. The Celestials withdrew their forces, and headed back to the north. Everyone knows that they will be back to fight again. But when and where, only they know. The Keepers rejoiced, the light didn't waver and they prayed that it wont ever fade again.

After their battle againts the Northern kings, they waged war againts the nation of Aruans. The nation of Aruans are also attacked by the Nation of Lotus. The descendants of Arua are put to the test. They fought bravely like they did in the Kingdom of Seven, But it was too much for them. The Keepers, veterans in the art of war proved to be more experienced than they were. Their lands were taken by the Keepers and by the nation of Lotus. Now they journey the land in search of a place that they can call home.

On the south, the nation of Salawayun attacked Black Mountain. The battle was long, they thought that they can't make it. But they did, they won againts the Magi and claimed one of their lands. The nation of Majesty retreated to Dream Mountain, Everyone expects another clash on the comings days. Both of them are preparing to attack each other. The question is, which one will win? But for now, Salawayun stands victorious at the heights of Black Mountain. Never will they let it be taken away from them.

Another battle was raging on the Foggy Jungle. The nation of Maharot made its stand againts the Phoenix. Defending their newly acquired land the nation of Maharot fought fiercely. They were determined to keep this land, and make it theirs. When the sun finally sets, the battle was over. The nation of Maharot triumphed and were victorious. The Phoenix flew away and headed back to Dreamport. It seems that this two will enevitably clash in the future, like the other nations surrounding the realm. For now Maharot rejoiced, they earned it and they did it all through the night.

The North Eastern part of the map lies silent. The Boys are not doing anything at the moment. As the sun sets over the horizon, another day comes to pass, Battles were won and lost. This will continue, for it is destiny, but men,beastkin and wingkin doesn't bow to fate.

Zhuanxu started to walk, his mission is to head north but Wei seems intent on following him.

"Don't follow me! >__< Scram!" he shouted at Wei.
>___> Weh~ i was heading north, your the one thats following me! But don't worry, i don't mind wub.gif as he looked shyly at Zhuanxu.
"Oh Sheet!... mellow.gif " was all Zhuanxu can mutter.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.
~Henry David Thoreau

Source: StoryMan's Story of the Dragon

Review: Wooot! laugh.gif Humor added. Nice chapter though there are not much said about  the clashes of each clans.


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