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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Matabungkay and Petals

Last Saturday we (2p, Allan, Bartie, Tan2, Bj, Joel, and Cy) had a little fun in the sun at Matabungkay Beach. It was really fun even though we just stayed for only a couple of hours. We even rented a balsa (bamboo raft) and also a pedal boat. The pedal boat was big enough for the eight of us to fit. We planned to get to the adjacent beach but  we turned back. It was really tiring even after we took turns pedaling and were weren't even halfway there.

There were pictures and I don't want to post them because as usual I'm the designated photographer and I'm not in any of it. >.<

That night we went to Lemery. But we didn't get in at our fave bar. We were late for the Big Shows cause Bj's van ran out of gas in Tuy and the nearest gas station was Balayan.  >.< But it was at least a blessing in disguise. The bouncer at our fave bar recommended another bar - Petals. The name is very stripper club sounding. Hahaha!


The place was hard to find. We were in almost in Agoncillo when we realized that we drove past it and turned back. It was really far from the picture in my mind of a strip club. There was not much fuss about age restriction and security check. The strippers were not that good-looking and sexy as the girls from our fave bar BUT they all strip. Hahaha! Unlike in the other bar that there were only three big shows. I like to use a friend's comment "Mas mabuti pa ang madami na pangit kesa maunti na maganda" Lolz!

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