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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love Lessons

Love lessons:

  • Sorry was never synonymous to I won't do it again.
  • When he/she falls out, it doesn't mean your giving less, its because he/she's asking too much.
  • Crying before breaking up is good, your trying to save the relationship. But after is different, that's stupidity.
  • There are no wasted tears, there are only inconsiderate partners.
  • Bitterness is often the painful consequence of holding on.
  • 3rd parties are not the main issues, it's always the two of you
  • Forgiveness is different from second chances.

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1 comment:

  1. ....can i ask bakit prosti??prostitute ka ba..joke!!!!charing!!well all i can say your blog is about love and you being inlove ganun ba yun..for me lang huh..cno yung bagong boylet..hmmmp sya ba ang dahilan ng pagiging blooming moh..hihih:P pero wala me masabi sa blog mo.taray ng music party party lang...ok sis ingat lagi muah!!!


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