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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Holy Week '08

Maundy Thursday

OMG! ohmy.gif This was the most jam packed night ever. The people swarmed to the beach even it was past midnight. There were people everywhere you looked and you need to excuse yourself from other party goers to reach the stalls.


Almost all the stall holders this summer were friends. But I like most is how Manong's group serves their patrons. Beach style! They gonna give you a skim board as your table and a mat or a blanket to sit on cool.gif. Plus their service and sales talk was good. Constantly chatting with guests (as most of them are friends) and offering us more beers or pulutan.

Anyway it was a night to remember. I want to see Nasugbu Beach this alive every summer night. Woot! Parteee! biggrin.gif

Good Friday

It was 8 am when I got home. I slept at the beach. Had a lot of drinks last night. Got back to the beach around 9 pm or so. The beach was not packed as last night. Not a lot to talk about except I had drinks with Gina, Toffee and then later, Yaye joined in. wink.gif I didn't won Toffee's yes to join me and Tropang 2G summer pilgrimage to Puerto.  It was 2 years in a row. /pif wacko.gif

Black Saturday

Allan, Tuge, Marco, Lenard, and Bon were in Puerto. I want to come but I don't want to be there, but not totally there. I mean I don't want to be there not wholeheartedly. Get, what I mean. wink.gif

Anyway, Instead Toffee, Paul, Susan, Elena and I went swimming at Golden Spring. We had dinner there and then later we hit the beach for some drinks.

Summer fling rolleyes.gif - Deja vu? laugh.gif

Palm Sunday

Free beers  wub.gif and  pulutan on our fave stall - Manong and Friends stall.  They made money from their summer enterprise. Good for them. Also for u. LOLZ!

It was 6 am when we finished drinking. Kim, Tutong , Cyrus and  I decided to sleep over at the stall since a lot of their valuables are still there.

Holy Week '08 is one Holy Week to beat. It ain't like last year Holy Week but it ain't that bad.  wink.gif Yes I missed Puerto with my friends but I too had fun here with some other friends. Also I made new friends - EJ, Jojo, Toto, Benmar wub.gif, Tutong, Apey, Kim and a lot more. A lot of things happened. Had a lot of alcohol  over the extent of Holy Week. Had a good time with summer fling. rolleyes.gif It will be sure one Holy Week to remember. cool.gif


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