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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Story of the Dragon Chapter 4

Chapter 4: 

The Empress of the Earth and the stand of the Light

The Empress rides alone, Her Qui Lin can sense her restlessness but didn't say a word. She didn't tell him where she want to go. Her mind definitely is blurred, from her own frustrations and the things that are happening to the land. When they came across a clear pool, she asked her companion to land. Doing as her mistress desires, the Qui Lin landed gracefully without a sound. She dismounted herself and kissed the gentle beast, together they drank on the crystal clear waters.

After they drank their fill, she just stood there looking at the water. There was a ripple on the surface of the water, and slowly images formed. Her lips tightened her breathing quickened as she watch the doings of Men, Beastkin and Wingkin.

For weeks the Keepers fought with no end, Defending their lands against those who challenge them. Up to now the Northern kings had been quiet from way up north. The Keepers are finally gaining ground. They attacked the nation of Versatile on the Fire Village. The land of Fire witnessed a heated battle indeed, The Keepers determined to take back what belonged to them. Versatile fought with valor. The Order of the Light, being more experienced in battle has triumphed over them. One by one they are reclaiming their lands, week after week. They wont rest until they reclaim them all, that alone is certain.

The nation of Invictus attacked the Desert Sea and the nation of Carnage attacked Swan Mountain. These two nations that are located at the south western part of the realm are always challenging the Keepers in their domain. Both nations tried, but it seems the Light is now recovering its strength. They had defended well on the land of the sand as well on the Mountains of the Swan. They rejoiced and still believes that the light did not abandon them. Now they wait for the next siege and hope that the Light will see them through.

In the North near the city of men, a new nation called the "Alliance" challenged the Boys in their domain. On the Desolate Mountain they faced each other. The Boys were victorious, but it seems that new nations are being formed. Alliance it seems holds promises of their own. They know that only constant vigilance will help them on their future battles. For now they go back to the City of Men and will lay their lives to defend it.

The Descendents of Arua, also known as the nation of "Aruans" attacked the nation of Lotus. It seems that the Goddess on which there nation was named after was helping them on the fight. Forced out from the realm on where adventure runs wild and free, these Warriors of the Heart are now showing the rest of the world that it doesn't matter where you came from. You just have to do your best, and believe anything is possible. The nation of Lotus has lost Dragon Slope, on where the fabled dragons roam. But not all is lost, nothing is certain. For now they wait and see, what will become of them.

To the south on where the new Phoenix rests, in the fog of Foggy Jungle. She was caught by surprise as the nation of Maharot, led by the White Tiger attacked her. She screamed as if calling for her companion to come to her aid. But the other Phoenix is busy fighting the nation of Aesteru ™ at the hill of Aroma. She fought bravely but failed in the end, She was forced to flee and the nation of Maharot claimed Foggy Jungle as their home. This nation traveled away from the Boys, the Former king of Men is nowhere to be seen. He has not heard of him since the Boys attacked Square Village. Now they go to the South and hope that their future will be brighter here. A scream was heard above the Jungle, another Phoenix was approaching.


Another battle will ensue, that which is certain. Wars will happen again all through out the realm. The Empress on her folds cannot interfere with her powers. All she can do now is place those that can make the difference.

She sang and the elements enveloped her, the Wind, Earth, Fire, Water and Metal are her servants. Each one took a form of their own.

"I will place all of you in the different parts of the realm, You must make the difference on which i cannot do." the Empress asked of them. The Five Elements bowed to her. "I will now give you your names." she added.


Shaohao (east) she spoke to the element of wind "Go the the East and let your gentle breeze cool them."

Zhuanxu (north) she spoke to the element of Water "Go to the North and let your water cleanse them."

Yellow Emperor (center)she spoke to the element of the Earth "Go to the heart of the land and let your heart beat with theirs."

Shennong (west) she spoke to the element of Metals "Go the west where they forge their weapons, teach them on what their blades cannot teach."

Fuxi (south) and lastly she turned at the Element of the Fire "Go to the south on which everything is on fire, show them what the flames cannot burn."

With that they disappeared and headed towards their destinations, doing what their master asks of them.

Chi You saw what happened through the mirror. "Its no use my Goddess, the nations hearts beats with the drums of war. He smiled and left the mirror."

"Your wrong Chi You. It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men. " the Goddess said silently.

"Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory."

Another story is written, a new chapter has been told. Rest assured, there are lots more left untold. I'll ask you to be patient, for i will tell you with patience. The tale of which dragons only know. - StoryMan


Dang, seemed StoryMan had exhausted my words of praises. Can't think of one-liner that can fit his work. Your great, putting a lot of effort every week so we can know in an entertaining manner what happened every TW. Doing all the research about the elementals and other background.

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