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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Story of the Dragon Chapter 3

After a busy TW week (jam packed schedule of defense for us HOL, afternoon and evening scheds, at most 3 clans at a time plus an offense that we won) here comes my fave part - The Story of the Dragon. He never fail to impress me with his way with words. ^^


Chapter 4: The Four Emperors, the 3 Kingdoms and the Challenge of the Gods*

Not known by many, there are other Gods that co-exists with Pangu that also watch the doings of Men,Beastkin and Wingkind.
One of them is the Jade Emperor also referred as the supreme ruler of all Men, Beast and Wingkind. Beiji Dadi Ruler of the stars that shines in the heavens that gives light to this world. Tianhuang Dadi Often called the Ruler of Gods and the Empress of Earth The Goddess of the Earth and protector of all living things. These Gods together with Pangu watch over the nations as they try to gain power and fame. Now they meet in one of those rare occasions to discuss the things that even the Four prominent beasts, namely the Turtle, the Qilin, the Phoenix, and the Dragon doesn't know.

Now Join me as i start my tale...

Unknown to the citizens of the land of Pangu, something is being discussed in the heights of Heaven Tear City.


The Elders of Dragon, Universal, Dreamport, Sword, Beast and Feather Cities are called by Pangu to discuss the makings of his land.

"It seems that all the Nations are having a taste of war" said the Elder of Universal City. "Yes...indeed, it wont be long before they reach us" added the Elder of Dragon City. "Why are you all so worried Elders of the Kingodms?" All the Elders  looked and bowed at the Jade Emperor. "Greetings my Lords" and with that along with the Elders of the Land bowed to their Gods. "hehehe your looking as good as ever" chuckled Tianhuang Dadi. "My goodness Dad! did you gain weight?" the Jade Emperor said smiling. "LOL *coughs* i never change do you?" chided Tianhuang. "Hmmmmm... it seems that everyone is here." Interrupted Pangu. "What have we to discuss?" asked Beiji.


"I propose a challenge to the Nations. Those that defend their lands, those that attack, those that try and those that fail but still stands up everytime they fall." Chi You  said with relish (Chi You is also referred to as the God of War). . The Earth Empress bit her lip as she heard this from Pangu.


"You think that lives are just a game?! How dare you!" the Empress said with dignified and controlled anger.


Everyone blanched, they know that the Goddess though gentle is scarier then even the God of War, no make that all the Gods combined when she is in a bad mood.
"Im sorry your grace, i never meant to say it that way" Chi You apologized.
"Empress, i understand how you feel" But there is not much we can do. "Oh goodie they started" Chi You peered at the Mirror that shows what is happening in the land. Just beneath the floating city, the Nation of Lotus attacked the Land of the Keepers of the Light.


"Right on time too" said Beiji. They watch as the Keepers defend their land successfully before they continued their meeting. "Elders tell your wards, that the Gods will reward those who will be able to defend and capture the land of others." said Pangu. "I do no approve of this!" The Empress of the Earth shouted. "Then we shall have a vote, this is our ancient way of settling matters. Those who approve of this challenge raise your hand." said Pangu. All three of Ancient Gods raised their hands.


The Jade Emperor, Beiji Dadii, Tianhuang Dadi raised their hands. "This is Madness!" the Empress said helplessly. "Its settled then!" Chi You rubbed his palms with glee. "Very well, since i do not approve of this i will be leaving!" she raised her hand and the Qilin appeared. Gently nuzzling the Goddess it kneeled and waited for her to mount him. The Goddess turned around and said to the other Gods "When the lands are covered with blood and the sky is filled with smoke. Remember those that stood and fall. I will take their souls, and never will it be befouled by the likes of you!" she spat at Chi You. "Whatever you say, your grace" Chi You delivered with a spectacular bow.


They watch as the Earth Goddess ride the clouds and go back to the her home, which is now the bloody red lands of Pangu.

While the Gods are discussing the affairs of the nations that resides in this realm, The City of Men ruled by the "boys" are fighting againts those that challenge them. The Nation of Maharot attacked the Wooded Mountain, the Nation of Salawayun attacked the Snowslide Canyon. These Boys manage to attack the Square Village on which the former King of Men resides. The battle was fierce but in the end the Boys manage to break down their defenses. The King fled after the siege. No one knows where he took shelter, all they know is that they will certainly be back. A loud scream managed to wake the leader of the boys from a trance. He saw the Phoenix as it landed on Desolate Mountain. Their eyes locked and through it, a message was passed to each other. The meeting was brief, and after the encounter the Phoenix flapped its wings and headed south leaving the Boys to fend for themselves. The battle was long and probably one of the longest battles the boys ever did. Salawayun and Maharot proved the be quite an adversary. But in the end, they still managed to defend their lands. They rejoiced as more "Boys" joined them. This brother nation settled in the Bizare land of Hades, their purpose, objectives and reasons are still unknown. Now they stand united and ready to defend the Nation of Men.

High in the Northern lands, the Kings seems to be silent. They have not made any move since their last encounter with the keepers. Are they planning something? or waiting for something? only they know.

Near the Keepers of the Light. At the flaming plains of Fire village, A heated battle also took place. The nation of Versatile attacked the Nation of Heritage and managed to acquire their land. They rejoiced for they longed for this day. A day when finally their nation will find a land they can call theirs. The only question is...for how long? In the place where the flames are forever shaping the land.


The Nations of Carnage, Invictus, Lotus, Heritage, Lianmeng,Celestial, Aruans attacked the Order of the Light. For weeks the Keepers has been constantly attacked. Their lands continously challenged, their perseverance being put to the test. Week after week, battle after battle. Some had been won, some had been lost. The nation of Carnage has managed to gain another one of their lands. They were victorious against Invictus, they manage to get the Desert of the Sea. Now Invictus are preparing their stand at Burial Grounds. Will it be their Grave? or will they bury the Keepers on these Grounds? No one knows, not even the Gods. The only thing that the keeper's are certain is that, they will be attacked again and again.

The nation of Aruans attacked the CareFree Path, the land may be CareFree but the Keeper's are not. They would do what they must to defend their lands even from the descendents of Arua. The Flower nation of Lotus also attacked them, it came to the Gods as a surprise, that this nation attacked the keepers. Indeed the people, the nations are changing like the seasons. The Order defended well against them, wether they plan to attack Lotus or not will probably defend on the decision of its chambers. The nation of Heritage went to Lili Prairie, their motives are still unsure. The keepers defended against them, but it seems that their is more than meets the eye.


Surprisingly the brother nation of the Northern Kings attacked the Swan Mountain. The place on which the wingkins train these giant beasts to be mounted and tamed. The keepers defended this as well, another one of their small victories. Small, yet it still makes the difference. LianMeng, another nation which has recently risen and made their name known. They attacked White Mountain the counterpart of Black Mountain on which the Magi recently made home. This band of warriors are forever vigilant and is gaining experience everytime they fight. Probably in a few more campaigns against whatever nations they will challenge, they might be able to have a land they can call home.

The Nation of the Light, will stand as long as the light will not waver. For it is their life.

The Nation of Lotus, has finally opened his flower again. This nation has been challenged by Spartans and Osiris™.

Spartans attacked their Trade Wind Town and Osiris™ their Water Side Village. Lotus defended well, not bad for a nation that has endured a storm brought down by the Celestial Beings. One of the questions that plays in the minds of everyone is "Will this nation truly rise above all?". This nation should place its roots firmly so that the winds will not blow it away.

The Nation of Epitaph. A nation that has long been silent has attacked Majesty, The Nation on which the Magi rule. The Magi managed to defend his land.

The Phoenix is returning home from its flight from Desolate Mountain, and is headed for the City of Dreamport. Along the way it passed another Phoenix sleeping in the mist of the Foggy Jungle. She sang and it answered with a song, they will talk later for she needs to rest. The Nation of Majesty occupied Dream Mountain in her return. She screamed and the Magi smiled. After circling a few times around Dream Mountain she landed at Dreamport in time with the setting sun.

Another day is over, another chapter has been told. Rest assured there are lots more yet to unfold.

I'll ask you to be patient for i will tell you with patience, the story of which the Dragons only know.


*I changed the chapter to 3 from 4 as it is originally in the forums.

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