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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Story of the Dragon Chapter 2

Another chapter from my fave TW historian - StoryMan. Can't wait for what will unfold next TW and how he will pen the event.

Chapter II
Unexpected  turn of Events

The former King carried by the White Tiger entered the nation of "Maharot" which lies in the Square Village. The King was wounded but he will survive. After resting, the White Tiger prowled his territory and was not surprised when he saw the nation of "bHadBoys" assembled near their boundary. "They never know when to give up do they?" the White Tiger said to himself.


He crawled as stealthy as possible and infiltrated their camp. To his surprise he saw Khai (The Leader of the Boys) and Ynah (Her Marshal and second in command) along with a group of people, which he guessed as their officers. He hid himself within earshot and listened to their conversation.

"This will be the last time!" Khai said with confidence. "SanamaBits" the Tiger said to himself and continues to eavesdrop.


"Why did Maharot interfered?" asked Ynah. "It seems that they have some sort of alliance, We need to eliminate them ASAP. Gather our men, we will attack tomorrow!"


The Tiger hurried back to his Nation to prepare his defenses. He is certain it will not fail.

True to her words Khai and her Warriors attacked the "Square Village". To their surprise they were ambushed along the way by the White Tiger and his men. A battle was fought and in that battle the Nation of "Maharot" got the upper hand. "Fall Back!!" said Khai to his men. "Mark my words you will pay!" she spat at the Tiger "Bits! Bits! Bits!" the tiger replied and watched as the boys go back to the City of Men. "Not today...Not today" said the Former King, as he watch from the Keep of the Village.

The Nation of "Spartans" is currently attacking their lands when the Boys arrived at the City of Men. They quickly went to defend their territories from this Nation. Spartans is a nation which has recently joined the warring Nations in search of a place they can call home. They were out maneuvered by the more experienced "boys". They know that they will be seeing more of them, in the next days to come.

Once again the Keeper's of the Light are preparing to defend their lands. Their Empress looked at the sky, she knew that this will not end anytime soon. The Nations around her boundaries are restless, they are persistent and it is taking its toll on her and her wards.

The Nations of Invictus, Carnage, Majesty, Aruans, Herigate and Seed has entered their territories. Once again they must raise their arms and fight. She hardly had any rest after the previous battles with the Northern Kings and the Nation of Carnage. "The kings are silent these past few days, it seems that they are planning something....But What?" she asked his Keeper's. "Worrying over them will not help us, We have more than we could handle at the moment". She sighed, she knew that they are right.

The door burst open and a messenger from the CIty of Beasts entered. "My Liege! The Nation of Carnage is moving towards the City!" he said. "Men! To your Stations!" she ordered. At that very moment the other nations made their move.
the Nations of Invictus attacked Nanping Hill, Majesty attacked Black Mountain (The territory just beyond the outskirts of Dream Mountain), Aruans attacked Silk Mountain, Seed attacked Sky Lake and Heritage attacked Fire Village.
The Keeper's fought valiantly, but they were greatly outnumbered. "Stand your ground men!".

They Manage to defend the City of Beast and forced Carnage to go back to their lands. They fought the Nation of Invictus and was also victorious.

Messengers arrived to inform her on what happened to their other lands.
The Empress gritted her teeth when she heard that the Lands of Black Mountain, Fire Village, Silk Mountain has been captured. "It can't be helped" her Keeper's said sadly. She shook her head and once again looked up into the sky.

The Nation of Lotus is also doing its best to defend the lands they hold. The Nation of Hellion and Lian Meng has waged war against them. Still weak from their fight against the Northern kings they have no choice but to fight and defend their lands.
LianMeng prooved to be one tough opponent. Their battle was a long one, but still they managed to defend their lands. They hope that dawn will come once again their nation may once again bloom and rise above all.

After their battle with the nation of Majesty, the Nation of Salawayun was surprised to see the Phoenix and her army at their doorstep. They tried to defend their stronghold but to no avail. The battle was long and bloody, both nations didn't hold back. The Phoenix with its flames managed to subdue them, They forced Salawayun to leave Dream Mountain. She screamed and everyone heard it, She has been silent for a long long time. But nevertheless, she is still a force to reckon with.

Pangu has been silent....he hasn't been sighted by the other Gods lately.
Something is not right...

To be Continued....

Source: Story of the Dragon

Got to go. I'm gonna hunt for my SCS. ^^ Wish me luck!

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