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Monday, February 4, 2008

The Story of the Dragon Chapter 1 Episode 2

Woot! A sequel to the my fave fan fic of Perfect World. This just came out this evening and this sums up what happened this TW weekend. As usual, the author's choice of words is superb.


Image courtesy of Hashiro

Chapter I


It started without warning....the siege has begun.

"My liege our outer walls has been breached!" The Empress looked alarmed and rallied her troops "Defend the Keep! Don't let them pass the Main Gate!". Every available Men and Women followed her and they went to meet their enemies at the massive Gate that protects their keep. The Gate has been under siege and probably won't hold any longer. "Hold your ground!" She says "Whatever and Whoever comes out that Gate, you will hold your Ground! And defend!" her warriors gave a might roar as a reply. "Casters Ready your chants" and so they did "Archers aim!" and they followed "Knights! Kill them all!!".

The Gate Fell after a mighty explosion was heard. as if to reply to her, The Northern kings and their warriors came with renewed vigor. One of the kings said "Now is the time my warriors! Destroy their keep and bring her down!". The other one said "This is the moment we had been waiting for! Don't waste it! Secure the walls! Show no Quarters!".

with that the two mighty armies clashed. It was difficult to tell who has the upper hand, sword clashed, spell casted, arrows fired from all directions. Truely it was Carnage, the word has been true to its meaning.

While this battle was underway, another one or more was held on the Northern and the Southern parts of the Realm.

The "bHadBoys" and the Nation of "Method" has been battling non stop ever since the Throne of Men has been taken from Method. The two Vagabonds was fighting each other, the former king made his stand. He said it wont be his last.

Unknown to the Leader of the "Boys" her Marshall is battling those that challenge her lands. The Nation of >Demonz<,Aeseteru™ and Pirates attacked them. From the sea, from the Mountains and from the plains.

The Phoenix has met the nation of Versatile at the Castle of Peach. They attacked with fury, Versatile held its ground and a battle ensued.

Not far away, in the mystic land of Dream Mountain. The Magi Mocker and his nation "Majesty" attacked the nation of "Salawayun" To take back their land. His warriors attacked with Vengeance and the defenders answered and met them in the Marshes of Dream Mountain.

It seems like an unstoppable epidemic called "Blood *****" has embedded itself within the realm. Knowing that this is just the beginning of a very long battle of Nations, Pangu watches his fist clenched and his eyes unblinking. Today and the next days, weeks, months, and possibly even years. The lands will be shaped not with the elements of nature. But by the doings of Men, Beastkind and Wingkind. Nothing can stop them, they would not be stopped.

Episode 2: Old Scars and fresh wounds.

The Northern Kings managed to breach the walls of the "Order of the Light". The Keepers, guardians of time immemorial was put to the test. The Nation of Carnage managed to destroy all of their primary defenses, the battle was now being fought on close quarters.

"Push them back!" said the Empress, and her warriors carried out her commands. They manage to push the kings and their army outside their walls.


Another cry was heard, "My Liege! The City of Beast is under Siege!" she looked back bewildered, "How did they get pass the fortified defenses?!" it was a question more to herself than to her wards. Gritting her teeth she shouted new orders "Keeper's defend the City of Beasts! Chambers stay and stand by my side and push them back!" The Keeper's wasted no time, they hurried to the defense of the City, while the Empress stops the Kings in the plains.

By the time the Keeper's reach the City of Beasts, it was battered very badly. The Fortified walls has been torn to pieces, the defenses left burning and in ruins. Warriors hacking each other with their blades, waves upon waves they came. While the Defender's stood their ground, the Keeper's unhurled their spells upon those unlooking. "My Lords! Praise be!" that is all the captain said before he fell down. His lifeblood flowing away from him. The captain was carried to be tended by the healers. "I pray that we withstand this ordeal" said one of the Keepers. With that they joined the battle.

In the protection of the Green Waved woods. The former king was mortally wounded, as the leader of the "boys" was about to give the final blow. A roar was heard and he was pushed aside by a blur of white. The White Tiger stood between him and the Former King Fangs bared. "Believe in the power of Friendship" was all the Tiger said With that, he helped the king to mount him. "Do you honestly think i would let you go that easily?" said the leader of the boys. The tiger snarled, then follow me "bits!" The former king shouted at his troops "Retreat!". They followed the tiger as it goes to the direction of the Square Village. The leader of the boys stood confused and deep in thought "What's the meaning of this?! Why did he came?!". Shaking her fists she shouted "You can run! But you can't hide!". Her warriors rejoiced, and placed their banner at the highest part of the Keep. They had claimed another land, she should be happy...but she has other things in mind and celebration was not one of them.

Her marshal managed to defend their lands against the invaders. she stood soaked in sweat and in blood. Even she, felt how tired she was. This has never happened before, the times are changing. She turned her back at the retreating armies behind her, and gazed at the setting sun.

At the castle of Peach, the battle was almost over. Careful not to destroy her beloved Cherry Blossoms, the Phoenix fought using her talons and her beak. Along with her army she managed to subdue the nation of Versatile. Versatile fought fiercely but knew that they were greatly outnumbered and the terrain was at their dis-advantage. Their wise leader told them to retreat for now, for he knows that their will be other opportunities for them. They left and the Phoenix gave a mighty scream. She knew that this is not the end, but only the beginning.

At the Mountain of Dream the Magi tried hard to regain his former land. But it seems that the nation of "Salawayun" was determined to keep it. In the marshes they fought, with the mist rendering them invisible they manage to stop the Magi in his march. Screams was heard ever so often as warrior upon warrior fell to the ground. The Magi summoned his strongest spells but to no avail. They were pushed back, Cursing he ordered his men to retreat. The warriors of Salawayun shouted their warcries as if to say "and Stay OUT!". They go back to their land victorious, and prepares themselves for the next siege.

The kings and the Order of the Light seems to be evenly matched. They pushed each other every now and then, not one refuses to accept defeat. As the day waned from morning till night, the siege still continues. Their senses are now at the highest peak, their muscles ache, their minds dulled, their blades still sharp. The kings finally conceded that its about time they fall back. They shouted orders to retreat, and said at the same time. "This is just the beginning! We will be back!". With this the Order cried victorious. "Its not over yet!" the Empress shouted "To the City of Beasts!".

At the City of Beast it was pretty bad and the Sentinels was about to give up. A mighty cry was heard and they saw their Empress joining them in the battlefield. Cheers was given, the army fought with renewed strength. They pushed the Nation of Carnage to the plains where they came.

They brought the battle in their lands, unknowing to them the nation of Carnage has it all planned. They were ambushed on the way. They tried to reach their capital city, but it seems that Carnage knew its land well. The light was forced to fall back. There is no way they can continue. Tired and weary from the battles, the Keeper's placed their banners at the walls of their Keep. The empress shouted at her foes "We may fall....but not today!". The battle of the day is over, there will be more to come. For now she tanked the Light, for it didn't waver. The question in her mind is..."but for how long?"

Pangu looked at his land, which is now colored in red. Hands covering his face, whether he was thinking or crying no one knew nor cared.

-End of Chapter I-

I can't wait for the next TW weekend and the events to unfold.

Source: The Story of the Dragon

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