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Monday, February 11, 2008

One Long Week Without Alcohol

Today is the start of a long week without alcohol.  T_T  I'm glad I had a drink last night with Toffee. We drank the leftover vodka from Allan's party. I had this bad case of cough for almost two weeks so I had a visit to the Doctor last Friday. I hadn't had the time to drink medication cause of the chain of celebration and drinking binges and hoped that it will just go away. LOL And I don't want to mix meds with alcohol, I'm afraid to have a liver cirrhosis. Scary. Anyway, he handed me a prescription for the phlegm. I was almost at the door of the clinic then realized that it was Friday. I went back and asked the doctor "can start the meds on Monday since tonight is Friday night?" LOL! He said no and instructed me to start with it right away, but I had it my way. I just started the meds this morning. Hahaha!

This will be a long week. Gonna busy myself with Perfect World and hunt for my SCS. Oh no! It's Valentines this week! T_T Glad it landed on a Thursday. My med will be over on Friday afternoon and I hope I will be in the shape to start drinking again. Hahaha!

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