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Saturday, February 23, 2008

How All This Came to Be

How All This Came to Be

(Edited to fit the Story of the Dragon)

In a time long ago
When deities ruled,
When any which way
Could the planet be tooled,
The gods would change daily
The lay of the land;
Where there was one day a valley
Next a mountain may stand.

Until one day the people
Of Perfect Land did cry out,
“We are sick and tired
Of being tumbled about!
How can you expect us
To harvest our land
When tomorrow our fields
May be sea-bottom sand?”

So the gods held a meeting
To discuss their plight,
And they bickered and argued
All through the night,
But still no one among them
Had yet won the debate
On who got to design
The world’s final state.

On the council, you see,
Sat six major gods
Who no matter the issue
Were always at odds.
As the dispute dragged on,
With no end in sight,
They all knew it would
Come down to a fight.

So each god did summon
A magnificent beast
To represent them in battle;
Their power released.
Jade Emperor's great griffon
Stood regal and proud,
And Tianhuang Dadi's White Tiger
Was obnoxious and loud.

Chi You did summon
A snake gleaming gold.
Pangu, a dragon
With eyes black and cold.
Beiji Dadi's Red Phoenix
with fiery colors of red,
And The Empress Qui Lin
Shone gleaming white,

A great battle ensued,
A magnificent show.
The gods watched from above,
Mankind, Beastkin and Wingkin in awe from below.
When the dust cleared
The gods looked and they found,
Into six parts divided
The whole planet round.

That, so you see,
Is the reason why
When you look down at the world
From way up on high,
Six continents you see
On this planet of ours,
For a continent each
Have the gods in their powers.

A poem from my fave PW fanfic writer StoryMan. Hmmm, seems there is so much more we can expect from him.



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