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Monday, February 18, 2008

Golden Spring Revisited, Happy Birthday Barti

Yesterday, Allan, Marco, Toffee, Barti and I went to Golden Spring for fishing and swimming. It's been ages since the last time we went there. I let the boys do all the fishing cause they warned us beforehand that the fishes aren't marketable size. Instead I busied myself drinking, lugging the bottle of Matadoink, the 1.5L Coke, the ice bucket, pack of cigarettes and the pair of glasses to wherever those guys threw their line. They were all over the place, constantly moving, hoping to catch a big one. LOL, as if they were not informed.

After an hour or two of fishing they called it over cause the sun had set. For the entire time they just caught three pieces of little (their body size excluding the head and the tails are barely the size of my hand) milk fishes which is for our dinner. LOL! Luckily I knew the pond caretaker and asked him to net us more fishes for our dinner.

We had a fun time singing videoke - which Allan fixed, luckily he had an electrical tape with him, while waiting for our dinner to be served. After dinner we had a dip in the pool. It was freezing cold!

After that we decided to welcome Barti's Birthday at the shop. Well, here to you my friend ~ Happy Happy Birthday Barti!

At last your 18 na, di ka na maiiwan sa boy's night out! Just make sure to bring a copy of your birth certificate and a valid I.D. LOL!

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