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Friday, February 1, 2008

The Story of the Dragon Chapter 1 Episode 1

Chapter I Episode 1


Warcries and Battle Drums pierces the stillness of the night. Warriors from all over the land has gathered to participate and bear witness to one of the most epic wars ever recorded in history. Pangu sits at the top of Universal City, eyes closed and deep in meditation. Feeling the very vibrations in the air...the land...and the sea.


He slowly opened his eyes and shifted his attention to the northern part of his realm.

The two kings stood side by side at the highest peak of the Great Wall. Looking down at Lily Prairie on which they will launch their siege against the Keeper's of the Light. They rallied their warriors and said to them.

Bring down the Keeper's!! Show them No Mercy for they will show you none!! Give them Nothing! But take everything away from them!!

The time of the Light has ended! The time of Celestials has begun!!
They raised their arms and their warriors cheered and saluted them.

And it echoed throughout the night as their siege weaponry rolls down the path of the mighty walls, Towards the open plains.

The two kings looked at the City of Beast, the Empress of the Keeper's watches them. Her eyes ablaze, preparations are being made to defend the City as well as the Plains of the Lily. He shouts at his warriors, Brave Men! Beasts and Fairy Kind! Make Haste! Dawn is coming, and the Enemy awaits!! Their defenses are being fortified, enchantments are strengthened. This will probably be the Longest Night for her and her wards. The Kings told her from afar "Your time has come! Surrender and we will spare your lives!", she answers this "Not till i draw breath! Come quickly and i will send you to your graves! I will meet you both in the battlefield!".


The Nation of Celestial and the Nation of the Light will finally clash, like the inevitable changes in the seasons. This moment has been all but destined. None can escape the path they chose, none can turn back, the only answers will be the sounds of swords clashing to each other, the sounds of chants and their masters at work. The sound of War is upon all.

Outside the City of Beasts, the Nation of Carnage is massing. They had also waited for this time to come, they may never again get this chance. Shouts and Orders are being issued everywhere. Their Weapons of war is being tested, their steels being sharpened and their war cries are booming even stronger by the minute.


Wardrums play their deadly tune.
As their Leader towered above his men and said

"warriors will stand, warriors will fall. This day would be remembered throughout the realm! For in this day, We will take the City of Beast!! Let them feel our wrath! Let them tremble in our passing! For we will bring them down! We will triumph!!! So Warriors i bid you!! Fight to the Death!! Show them no quarters! Let them feel our blades and let your hunger be quenched by their blood!!

Rally to ME!!!!

TO WAR we go!!

His warriors shouted their warcries and marched towards the City of Beasts!!

The Nation of Arcam has once again entered the land of the keeper's. This is not the first, and would it be the last time they will battle with this ancient race. They are undeterred by their past losses and continues to struggle. Truly a nation worth knowing. Another nation also not new to the makings of war is LianMeng. This band of warriors that has "Coalescend" to form a nation that wants to prove their worth in the land of Pangu. Arcam and Lianmeng will also face the Keeper's and show them what they are capable of...truly the Light will be put to the test.

Once again the Empress of the Light has shifted her eyes.

You beasts!! how dare you trample my people! How dare you raise your arms against us!! Its too late to repent!! For you will fall where you stand and die a slow and very painful death! We will take what is rightfully ours and more!!

My People! Ready your arms!! For the time of war is upon us! Let the Light be our strength! IT will never waver!

She points at the Forces amassing outside their walls, both in the North, the West, the East and the South. Send these foul beasts to the Abyss!!!! And with that everyone shouted their warcries!! Warriors from every corner of their realm has gathered to defend. Her Keeper's also shouted at her men

"Oaths you have taken!! Fulfill them all!! Ride!!! and bring them down!!!"

With these words their nation cheered, for this is indeed a red day...a day on which blood will color the land with the deepest of red. The Light will make its stand!!

Pangu forced himself to look away, and looked at the City of Men.

The Nation of bHadBoys are preparing to end the life of the former king that took shelter in the Green Wave Woods. Their relentless attacks has brought down the walls that protects his keep. The King called for his men "RALLY TO ME!! We will make our stand! And i promise you it wont be our last!! His Men came to him as they watch their walls being hammered down by this "boys". The Leader of the boys shouted at the former King. This will be your last stand! For you will die here and everything will end!! Your time has finally come!!

The King shouted back with defiance,

Then come and get me! For i will not be the one who will die here!! You will never have me! I will take back everything from you!!

The Leader of the boys grinned,

Are those your last words impudent fool?

The King answered, No. But are those your's?

The wall finally gave way, and their forces collided. Weapons clashed and shouts of the wounded and the dying is heard. Amongst the chaos the two Vagabonds are battling each other. As their men watch and waited on whom will stand victorious among them.

Unknowing to the "boys" the Nations of >Demonz<, Pirates and Aeseteru™ has anchored themselves in their lands. Their Leaders shouted at the "boys" You who now rule the throne of men! We will make you kneel before us! For your time has also come to its end!! Surrender now and maybe, just maybe we will show you mercy. The Marshall of the Boy's confronted them. She spat at their words with glee and that humor on which everyone knows. Sorry we don't give alms to wretches like you!! She laughed mockingly at them and said to her boys...."Look men...fresh Meat!!"
Once again this band of warriors laughed. The nations of Demonz,Pirates and Aeseteru™ said, we'll see who will laugh last....b!tch!! With that she turned her gaze at them "Insolent wretches! DIE!!!".

Pangu shook his head and looked at the south.

The peaceful lands of the South has not escaped the makings of war.
In the Skies above Dreamport the newly born Phoenix flies. Always watching and forever vigilant in guarding her Lands.

Another Phoenix sang from somewhere in the north, this she greeted with a cheerful reply. When everyone thought that war has not reached their sacred place, Cries where heard at the valley's surrounding Dreamport. The Phoenix flew and saw that other Nations are once again invading her lands. She gave a defeaning scream and attacks them. Wall upon wall of flames she engulfs her foes. Stopping them at their tracks and making their efforts futile. Her foes cursed her and throwed their spears and fired their arrows at her. She mockingly evades them with graceful ease. Surprisingly a nation has managed to step foot at Peach Castle, The nation which is known as Versatile. True to their nations name, they were able to move without notice, step foot on where their fabled Cherry Blossoms bloom. Is it possible that she didn't stop them? or was she just too occupied with the other nations that tries to invade her lands. Nevertheless she summons her children and prepares to face them. Another Surprise came when their Neighbor, the Nation of Salawayun attacked them.
She screamed at them, those who speaks her tounge has translated it to "This is War!!". As she was about to attack them, she was blocked by the Magi Mocker. This land belongs to me! And i will take it back!! The Phoenix shouted her defiance at him, but he was unnerved. Those majestic eyes looked at him and said, "take it if you can" and with that she flew towards the Castle of Peach.

Pangu once again closed his eyes...and whispered.

"In times of darkness, one must simply stop looking for the light. And become the glow, for others to follow."

His realm shook once more...and even he, Creator and God of all....felt a chill into his spine.


Fantastic is all I can say! A saga in the making!


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