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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I went to Patungan last Sunday with Joc to bring Cyrus, Gina, and Toffee to the place since they never been there. I was really rambling about the place to them since last year. At last they agreed on going there. It was supposed to be last week but it was postponed due to bad weather.

On the way, Cyrus had a mishap and skidded on a mossy road. He was all okay she just had scrapes on both of his need and some minor abrasion on his hands. The road was slimy because there was a natural spring nearby and its water seeping directly to the road.

Anyway, when we reached the parking spot, Toffee and Cyrus was hesitant to leave their bikes on the vast open area. To cut the story short, we arrived at the falls and since it just recently rained there were a lot of water. We took some pictures (gotta borrow Toffee's phone so I can post some pics here) and only Cyrus and I dared the water. It was not cold nor chilly as we expected it to but it was really nice. Cyrus even took a slide on the falls which I'm still afraid of.

On the way home we had a stopover in Brgy. Calayo and fed ourselves on dugo, egg sandwich, tokneneng and kwek kwek.  Afterwards we headed home. All in all the trip was nice but it wasn't fun like it was before. There were no openness in the road as they were now fence lined with barbed wired from the road in Hamilo Project till the end of the road to Patungan. It felt like it wasn't really wild and free just like back them. Commercialization had lay its fingers on this tranquil lands. I hope Toffee had a shot of the road showing the fences. I'm gonna post a before after picture of it so you can justify for yourself.

Ta~tah for now.

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