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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm Green

Green Lantern!


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On the topic of green, we had dinner at Hacienda Zabarte and feasted on organic foods - pasta and greens. We went there to introduce the place to Cyrus and Marco. I ordered my fave - Caesar salad and tried their garlic pasta - it was superb! The best one since I had already tasted their two pasta. I must try their Pasta al Negra. It wasn't available again!

I was amazed by Cyrus for braving out and eating a lot of garlic, (he doesn't eat garlic, he even resent the smell of it) he had Caesar salad with olive oil vinaigrette and tons of garlic sauce and he even ate garlic pasta. Talk about conquering fear. We were all eyes on him when he took a bite of the pasta. We were expecting him to run to the restroom and puke but he didn't. Sayang! Hahaha! (ang bad ko!)

Anyway we had a fun time. Marco had the same reaction as mine when I went there for the first time - "walang kanin?" Hahaha! After we ate he was complaining that it only tickled his appetite and he was looking for something filling. I had my fill but i know that it will not last till midnight. Ciao for now, got to answer another quiz and after that maybe grab something to eat.


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