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Monday, January 7, 2008

Hacienda Zabarte

Yesterday, Toffee introduced me to this place in Brgy. Putol Tuy, Batangas, an organic farm with a little restaurant called Hacienda Zabarte. My first reaction about the place was so cool it's like the Jardinero in Sta. Rosa Laguna but it's dining area has  more of country feel.

The menu was only 3 pages. They offer salads, sandwiches and pasta. At first I asked the waitress if it is that their appetizer menu and there are other menu for main courses and desserts, but alas it is only what they have. I was like "OMFG! walang rice!" I was so hungry that time. I knew that I was dining out so I've skipped meryenda. Well, can't blame them cause they've only started business for not over a year. I was asking questions over the entire course of dinner and even after.

Since there was no rice  I couldn't help but indulge in the pasta and salads. I ordered pasta puttanesca (I want pasta alla negra as recommended by Toffee but it is unavailable by that time and/or aglio olio which they do not have on their menu) while Toffee opted for garlic pasta. We shared my fave caesar salad (but their version is yolkless and a cold cut sandwich sandwich. And of course, lemongrass juice which is bottomless for a unbelievable price of Php10.00! I was like "Miss is this Php10.00 additional to the original price if we've go bottomless?" I was really shocked that we only need pay Php10.00 for bottomless lemongrass. o_O

After we placed our ordered, she brought us a bowl of slice organic bread and their own-produced balsamic vinegar as a dip (taste nice) and our lemongrass drinks which was very good. I commented that it will serve as a good chaser. Hahaha! While waiting for our food, I learned that they also sell organic bread, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, packed cold cuts, packed dressings and balsamic vinegar in affordable prices - P50 for a loaf of bread, P35 for a pack of lettuces, P120 for their 10 slices of cold cuts, P50 for their dressings and P70 for their balsamic vinegar.

I enjoyed the food and had a second serving of another pasta (forgot what it is called but delicious too) which I shared with Toffee. I was really filled by that time I finish my share of the second serving of pasta.

The meal have just cost us P300, but hey it was like a meal for three or more persons. I will come back and try all what they have in their menu. /GG And next time I'm gonna bring a camera to post some pics here. Ta~ta!

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