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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gawd, I need a job >.<

I called B last night when I was at Aries' Birthday party and I received some good news - he's gonna be back home this October! He offered me to visit him on October then we gonna fly home together. He offered to shoulder my ticket on the way back home. He said the ticket is only Php15,000+++ and all I need is little pocket money cause I'm gonna stay and dine at his place and promised that he gonna show me around Dubai. (Recalls the scenes in movie Dubai) LOL

He always motivates me to do something good. He knows that I'm a one day millionaire type of person and now he's asking me to save! And not just petty amount but it's around Php30,000! >.< Arrghh, I really need a job and save money for a vacation of a lifetime and a birthday treat for myself.

Got to go, gonna watch the community channel for some available jobs. Hahaha!

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