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Monday, January 21, 2008

And now I am a Tomboy

Friends were teasing me "tomboy" or hunk/hottie because I brought a girl in Francois' Birthday party last Thursday night. Dunno what come over me. Yes I was drunk but not that drunk. I knew the girl back when I used to hit the bars with some male friends and do some male stuff. I just picked her up in a local bar where me and my friends had a few drinks before going to the party. She was all over me in front of them. Eeewww. Not really that eewww, but eeeww.

I'm happy that I was so drunk that I left the girl with them and didn't took her home. OMFG, It's not in my dreams to father a child from some hooker. Wait let me think about that. Hmmmm.... It's not a bad idea after all. One night of intoxication and boom - I will be a father. LOLZ. My parents will be elated that I gave them a grandchild. All I need to confirm that the baby is mine is a DNA test. And hope that it is a boy to continue my father's name. Now that some crazy thought. Hahaha!



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