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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Microwarehouse Year-End Inventory Sale

I found out at Philmug that Microwarehouse will have it's Year-end Inventory Sale this coming weekend. Click HERE to know more about the event.

I hope my damn check get signed by tomorrow and encashed before Friday so I would have some moolah. I want the iPod 20GB (if I still can get one by the time I get there) or the old iPod shuffle for my bike. There's a whooping 64% discount on the 20GB and a considerable 22% discount for the shuffle. If I settle for the shuffle, I'm gonna buy the Sports Case and some other protectors that are on sale to up to
97% discount. Yep, it's not a typo, check their pricelist if you doubt me.

Even their TREO 650 blue edition on sale. Less 41% it's original price. But Treo680 really won my heart because it doesn't have an antenna and it's quite packed as the Treo 650. :)

Will I still attend the General Christmas Party if these are at stake?

Gonna convince myself.
Will skip, will not, WILL skip, will not...

Bah I can't still decide because of that damned check! Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can decide if I gonna line up before the store opens and wrestle for the iPod 20GB. Hahaha.

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