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Monday, December 11, 2006

Great Weekend Out of Town

Just got back this morning from a great weekend out of town. It has hits and misses from what I envisioned but nevertheless it was great. :)

Saturday, were supposed to watch movie as planned but he was having a bad mood because of something I did. Instead we dined and malled around. And after picking a few things we headed home. To make matter worst, we had a little row before sleeping. /pif

It was raining cats and dogs because of Bagyong Seniang but it didn't dampen our spirits to dine out and go malling yesterday. (What it is with typhoon and us? It always help us bond together. Hahaha!) We ended up eating at Tokyo Tokyo, having our favorite beef misono sumo meal and mixed sushi. We skipped watching a movie again, cause it's running late the time we finished our dinner. I just picked up some things Nanay asked and then we went malling around, checking some things that I might end up buying next week. I think the incident with my check was also a blessing in disguise. If I already had the money last weekend I already have splurged it because there are a lot of shops on sale and I couldn't resist good offers and discounts.

     I already have a list of things to buy next week:

1. Jacket

2. Colognes

3. Shoes

4. Some shirts I can wear at work

5. Long sleeve (Red/White)

6. Jeans

I might drop by at Power Mac Center at Greenbelt cause they're having a 20% sale on iPods this coming weekend. I am still undecided on which to get, the new iPod shuffle or a 2GB iPod nano. Hmmm, Decisions, decision. Ah well, I might decide later on or the day itself.


Anyway, It was really a great weekend.

I am thankful not for the big things we did but of the small things. Small things that bond us together as good friends. It is this things I am thankful of.

Instead of being tired, I'm actually feeling recharged to face this week. And I can't wait for next weekend. :D


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