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Wednesday, November 8, 2006


I am sick since yesterday. I thought it was just colds and cough. But now I have Sinusitis con Tonsilitis. It aggravated this morning maybe because of the fuck up weather of ours. Very hot and humid during daytime and cold at nightime. Scorching and sweltering heat with sudden rainshower and cold at night cause of "amihan" monsoon.

My head is aching with facial pressure while I have sever sore throat. I can barely speak cause it painful to talk and even cough. And when I talk I have a hoarse voice and sometimes "napiyok" ako. My throat sometimes get so itchy I wanna scratch it from the inside. And I feel I'm gonna get a fever anytime now.

I'm gonna drink medication
+ Lagundi tablets + drink the concotion (some leaves with calamansi and honey) of my aunt + drink a lot of liquids + I'll pass up "gala" tonight = maybe I'll be in form before the weekend comes.

I wonder what other illness that ends with -tis will I have
. Hahaha.

Fuck. I can still laugh about this kinda stuff. I'm sure one crazy person.

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