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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Team Manila

I slept early last night. I got a terrible sore throat. I have difficulty speaking up to now. Glad my sinusitis gone, what is left of it is only runny nose. I got to be back in form. It's Thursday now and tomorrow is Friday night. Arrgh, I'm gonna pass again "gala" tonight.

I was supposed to come with my mother and my two sis to LTO Tagaytay to apply for my Professional driver license yesterday morning but I backed out cause I'm missing one requirement. They want me to come along even though I won't apply for a license. But what's the point in missing a day's work for doing not so important thing. I just came to work cause I know I still gonna be absent for a day when I apply for my license. And I need one ASAP cause there's always checkpoint nowadays and it's quite random. You never knew when they gonna pop up.

Anyway, I found on the Internet and I really want one of their Tees. It's so stylish and chic than those shirts you buy from souvenir shops. I like all their designs but what really caught my was these two shirt desAugbatangasigns.


Images from:

I love the "Batangas" design cause I'm from Batangas. But what really caught my attention is the design. With the use of the famous balisong. AlsoI like the backdrop, color and the scribbly thingy design. The other one I like cause of the red vine thingy. And it's printed in black. They are so simple yet screaming with attitude.

Another design I like was the "Istambay." Click HERE to see the design. I want to have one and give some to my unemployed friends as X-mas presents. Am I a li'l sarcastic when I do that?

For more of their artistic ouputs check

I want these two designs on the wall of my room. But I want my face on the first design and on the nine canvas on the second design, I want my family faces and loved ones. And that includes B and One3. I  wonder if my friend  Philip can do these on his own version. I'm sure I can't afford one of customed designs like these. :(


Images from:


Anway got to go. Break is almost over. Ciao!

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